Buyer Beware, Dataquest Revokes Timtara’s Ranking

Due to barrage of customer complaints about dismal customer services of ecommerce site,, Dataquest is forced to revoke its rankings published two years back. Hundreds of disgruntled customers wrote to Dataquest about not receiving orders or refunds for many months and poor customer service that forced them to sue the company for fraudulent practices. However, Dataquest does not hold any liability for the orders transacted on the site.

The site was rated among the top 20 E-commerce start-ups and ranked as the no.1 site in terms of user experience. It is to be noted that Dataquest did not rate the site for customer service, but the mention of the rankings were misleading to customers. These rankings are now being revoked or withdrawn in full.

Dataquest cautions potential buyers from transacting with Timtara; those who do so would be doing it under their own risk.

The management of Timtara has been informed about the withdrawal of these ranks and that references to these should be removed from the website.

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