Why Family Offices Need a Tech Upgrade

With an average AUM of USD $100 million across 300 family offices in India, the need for secure, customized, and technologically advanced solutions is critical.

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Family offices, which manage the private wealth of affluent families, are evolving into sophisticated enterprises requiring cutting-edge tools and technologies to remain competitive. In an era dominated by digital transformation, the imperative for family offices to embrace advanced technology is clear. It's no longer an option but a necessity to maintain relevance and efficiency in managing substantial assets and complex financial operations. According to a report by Empaxis, there are an estimated 300 family offices in India with average assets under management (AUM) of USD $100 million. With the total wealth management market in India reaching $429.1 billion in 2023, family offices represent a significant share of this market.


Given their private nature, family offices need a secure environment to operate independently. Traditional sell-side platforms and advisor-led solutions often fail to meet the unique requirements of family offices. These platforms are typically designed for broader audiences and lack the customization and security that family offices demand. Sell-side and advisor-led platforms often fall short of addressing the specific needs of family offices. These entities require bespoke solutions that cater to their distinct operational dynamics. Implementing modern technology at the operational level enables family offices to synchronise with the rapid technological advancements around them, fostering an environment where cross-platform synergy and new integrations become seamless. This technological alignment not only enhances efficiency but also opens up new avenues for innovation and collaboration. The Ernst and Young report highlights that family offices are still in the nascent stages of determining the most effective systems for their daily operations. With the immense variety of tools and platforms available, navigating this landscape can be overwhelming.

Family offices are inherently selective and customised in their operations. Modern technology platforms allow for this level of customization, enabling family offices to tailor their systems according to their unique needs. This flexibility is crucial as it allows family offices to maintain their individuality while leveraging the benefits of advanced technology.

Bridging diverse family structures


Families managing wealth through family offices come in various forms, with different focuses, structures, and dynamics. Technology is the only element that can cohesively bring together these diverse entities, providing a unified platform that accommodates all types and sizes. New technology solutions can cater to the varied demands of family offices, ensuring that regardless of their unique characteristics, they can all benefit from a cohesive and integrated system. The Campden Wealth Report emphasises that technology plays a critical role in ensuring that family offices can manage their operations cohesively, irrespective of their complexity or scale.

Catering to new generations

With newer generations inheriting wealth, family offices must adapt to their psychological needs and expectations. These younger generations are tech-savvy and expect seamless digital experiences. Family offices need to upgrade their technological infrastructure to sync with the preferences of these new inheritors. This not only involves adopting new tools but also embracing a culture of continuous technological evolution to stay relevant and appealing to younger family members. A study by EY highlights that 70% of next-generation wealth holders prefer to work with family offices that have robust technological capabilities, emphasising the importance of tech upgrades.


Family offices must recognize the imperative need for technological upgrades to stay competitive and effective. By investing in advanced tools and platforms, they can ensure secure, efficient, and customised operations that meet the unique needs of their clients. Embracing technology not only enhances their operational capabilities but also aligns them with the evolving landscape of financial services. This strategic shift will enable family offices to serve their clients better, stay ahead of industry trends, and continue to play a pivotal role in managing substantial private wealth.

-By Yash Poddar, Founder FamO