Securing Against Cyber Attacks with Resilient Tech using LTO technology

Cybercriminals can access critical information, such as financial records and personal information, which can be exploited or illegally exchanged on hidden internet platforms

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The growing threat of cybercrime has become a significant concern for businesses and governments worldwide. With the frequency and severity of cyberattacks increasing, there is a clear need for solid cybersecurity policies to protect critical data and ensure smooth corporate operations.


Cybersecurity breaches can have numerous consequences

Cybercriminals can access critical information, such as financial records and personal information, which can be exploited or illegally exchanged on hidden internet platforms. Furthermore, such instances may result in severe economic losses, legal penalties, and violations of privacy laws. In today's interconnected global environment, a single data breach can have far-reaching consequences for the organisation, its consumers, and business partners.

According to Indusface's 'State of Application Security Report,' more than 500 million cyberattacks were recorded in India during the first quarter of 2023. Such attacks have an impact not only on finances and reputation but also constitute a threat to national security. As the frequency of assaults increases, it is critical to prioritise technology solutions that provide both robust security and resilience.


Use of digital technologies has resulted in unequalled connectedness and ease

However, this shift has exposed organisations to new risks. According to Accenture's "State of Cyber Security Resilience 2021" survey, most large firms struggle to effectively prevent, detect, and mitigate cyberattacks. As a result, companies must strengthen their cyber resilience measures and take proactive steps to avoid significant data breaches.

To address this dilemma, businesses must invest in modern security solutions and cybersecurity technologies. Linear Tape Open (LTO) storage is a classic approach and technology gaining traction in cybersecurity. This scalable tape storage solution, initially designed for long-term data storage and archiving, has been developed to handle modern cybersecurity problems. This magnetic tape storage is commonly recommended for digital archiving and data protection due to its low cost and remarkable performance capabilities. Furthermore, it can safely store large amounts of data for lengthy periods at a substantially lower environmental cost than other storage options. Furthermore, it requires little electricity throughout the data storage process.


LTO technology is an excellent method for combating cyber threats

LTO stands out as the most effective and dependable method for storing the massive amounts of mostly unstructured data businesses generate daily. One of its distinguishing aspects is the "air gap," which creates a physical barrier between data and networks. This air gap acts as a barrier, protecting data from unauthorised encryption and manipulation and lowering the risk of data loss caused by cyberattacks, ransomware attacks, and other destructive actions.

Advantages of LTO Tape Storage:


Ease of Use: LTO tape storage does not require specialised expertise.

Data Integrity: Ensures data integrity and confidentiality. It can isolate sensitive data from the network and store it offshore.

Scalable Storage for Massive Data: LTO tape storage excels at managing large amounts of data. Its great capacity and scalability make it an ideal tool for capturing, managing, and storing large datasets.


Environmental benefits: LTO tape storage dramatically reduces carbon emissions from data storage. LTO tape can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 95% when compared to ordinary hard disc drives.

LTO tape storage requires less manual effort during storage maintenance.


As the worldwide threat of cyberattacks grows, companies must constantly improve their cybersecurity defences. Using LTO tape technology may be a strategic move in this endeavour. This technology provides a strong and impenetrable solution that protects data from cyber threats and effectively meets the digital world's future needs.

The article has been written by J Solomon Sukumar - Associate Director and Head of Department, Recording Media, Non-Destructive Testing Solutions and Industrial Products