OKIE Unveils a World of Cutting-Edge Consumer Electronics

OKIE has announced its deliberate entry into the thriving markets of Madhya Pradesh. Provides OKIE Ventures several chances to expand its presence in central India and provide cutting-edge consumer electronics solutions.

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OKIE Unveils

Madhya Pradesh: 28 June 2024 A prominent manufacturer of electronics with a focus on OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer), OKIE has announced its deliberate entry into the thriving markets of Madhya Pradesh. These areas, renowned for their vibrant economies and rich cultural diversity, provide OKIE Ventures several chances to expand its presence in central India and provide cutting-edge consumer electronics solutions.


OKIE has achieved recognition for its dedication to excellence and ingenuity, establishing standards within the consumer electronics sector. After successful launches in several Indian states, OKIE is ready to present its well-known OKIE LED TV line to Madhya Pradesh's discriminating customers.

The CEO of OKIE, Jitin Masand, expressed optimism for the company's growth, saying, "We are thrilled to introduce OKIE to Madhya Pradesh, a state renowned for its progressive outlook and expanding customer base. This growth demonstrates our commitment to offering innovative goods that improve our client's quality of life. Since OKIE is currently offered by more than 3,000 stores around the country, we are dedicated to ensuring that the residents of these areas can purchase our cutting-edge and superior consumer electronics, thus enhancing our market share in India."

Product Innovation and Market Opportunity


As one of central India's booming economic hotspots, Madhya Pradesh presents OKIE with ideal conditions for growing its market share. OKIE's innovative consumer electronics offerings are well-suited for these regions due to their developing urban landscapes and rising disposable incomes.

Known for its exceptional quality and cutting-edge features, the OKIE LED TV series will be the mainstay of OKIE's product lineup in these areas. OKIE is introducing a variety of LED TVs, washing machines, and small appliances. OKIE LED TVs, which come in various models and include smart features, guarantee an engaging visual experience that suits a wide range of consumer tastes.

OKIE intends to establish strategic alliances with regional distributors and retailers in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh as part of its expansion strategy. This program aims to fortify OKIE's distribution network, guaranteeing the extensive accessibility of its products throughout these areas. "Our goal is to improve customer service and increase accessibility to OKIE products through the establishment of local partnerships," Jitin Masand continued. "Our objective is to emerge as the favoured option for Madhya Pradesh residents looking for dependable, cutting-edge consumer electronics solutions."...


For these areas, the new product selection consists of:

- OKIE LED TVs: With a distinctive built-in soundbar that creates a home theatre experience, these TVs come in various sizes, from 32" to 86".

- Selection of 7 kg to 10 kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machines


- Upcoming Items: Plans to launch air conditioners, refrigerators, music systems, and small appliances under the OKIE brand.

Establishing Factories and Supporting Industrial Policy

The Madhya Pradesh industrial policy is helping OKIE with its plans to establish a cutting-edge assembly and manufacturing facility in the state. This effort supports local manufacturing and employment per the Prime Minister's "Make in India" goal.


"We have a long-term vision to enter the central India market, where there is a significant vacuum for homegrown Indian brands to secure a strong position in the general trade market," said Somnath Roy, GM of Sales at OKIE, emphasising the company's long-term goals for the region. Together, MP and CG have the potential to generate $3300 billion in revenue for consumer electronics annually. Before Diwali, we hope to have our products in 2,000 stores throughout Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. I'm sure OKIE will rank among the top three Indian brands for general retail."The Past's Achievements and the Future Prospects

OKIE has received recognition for its dedication to both client happiness and quality. The company's successful entry into the LED TV market and the support of prominent figures such as actor Kajal Aggarwal further solidify OKIE's standing as a reliable brand in the electronics sector.

In the future, OKIE intends to add a variety of smart gadgets and home appliances to its product line. This growth aligns with OKIE's mission to consistently develop and provide goods that improve people's lives all over India.