Logic Pods: The Secret Weapon for Powerful Collaboration

Logic, a pioneer in state-of-the-art audiovisual (AV) solutions, is happy to present Logic Pods, an innovative line of AV frames intended to transform how companies use conference spaces entirely.

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In today's dynamic corporate environment, seamless collaboration is essential, not optional. Logic, a pioneer in state-of-the-art audiovisual (AV) solutions, is happy to present Logic Pods, an innovative line of AV frames intended to transform how companies use conference spaces entirely. These cutting-edge AV frames are designed to promote smooth communication and teamwork, meeting the vital demand for productive and successful interactions in contemporary work environments. Businesses can revolutionise their meeting spaces with Logic Pods, increasing productivity and creating a more dynamic and engaging experience for all attendees.


Logic Pods overcome the constraints of conventional conference rooms. Congested areas and disorganised wires impeding work output disappear. Envision collaboration hubs, meeting rooms, and conference rooms converted into sleek, contemporary spaces that promote efficient teamwork and easy information exchange. Their uncluttered layout removes clutter and produces a classy look, encouraging attentive and businesslike conversations.

Teams can easily communicate and exchange ideas.

Pankaj Bellad, Business Head at Logic, states, "Logic Pods represent a significant leap forward in how enterprises approach meeting environments." "We are aware of the difficulties companies encounter in designing practical and motivating areas for teamwork. Logic Pods provide a practical and efficient solution that balances form and function to meet this need. Teams can easily communicate and exchange ideas thanks to Logic Pods' integrated screens, equipment racks, and adjustable camera and speaker location."


Beyond Aesthetics: The Fundamental Role of Function

Not only are Logic Pods aesthetically pleasing, but they also come with several functions that improve teamwork:

Design Minimalism: With Logic Pods, you can eliminate unattractive cable clutter and free up important meeting space while also creating a tidy, professional atmosphere ideal for concentrated conversations.


Flexible Remedies: Offering single and twin display setups, it can accommodate various meeting types and room sizes. Logic Pods are ideal whether you're holding a large-scale presentation in a conference hall or a brainstorming session in a huddle room.

Versatility of Display: Allows for a large variety of display sizes, ranging from 43" to 110", making it compatible with various presenting needs and fulfilling space restrictions.

Improved Collaboration: Features like straightforward document sharing and crystal-clear video conferencing enable teams to work together efficiently from any place, creating a more stimulating and productive work environment.


Platform Agnostic: Zoom, Microsoft Teams Rooms, Cisco Webex, and other well-known platforms are supported by Logic Pods, which can adjust to various formats and settings.

Space Optimisation: Let go of disorganised areas. The clever design of Logic Pods optimises available space, converting even the smallest spaces into functional and well-organised zones.

Designed to Last: Because Logic Pods are made of premium materials and are resistant to normal wear and tear, they offer a long-term solution for your organisational needs.


Customisation Options: Logic Pods come in various sizes and configurations, so you can tailor them to meet your unique requirements.

Past the Huddle Room Boundaries: Contemporary businesses depend on collaboration that goes well beyond conference rooms. Acknowledging this, Logic Pods offers a high-end solution for any size of conference room, meeting space, and collaboration hub, promoting a more engaging and productive work environment that enables teams to reach their maximum potential.