Cygnet.One Goes Global with Peppol Certification: Invoice Innovation

Cygnet.One, a top technology company offering compliance solutions worldwide, has improved its e-invoicing offerings by obtaining Peppol certification.

New Update

Ahmedabad, 18 June 2024. Cygnet.One, a top technology company offering compliance solutions worldwide, has improved its e-invoicing offerings by obtaining Peppol certification. Its goal is to upend e-invoicing by facilitating cross-border transactions and promoting global business expansion.


Peppol is a nonprofit organisation

Peppol is a nonprofit organisation with Belgian registration that unifies company operations by standardising information interchange and organisation. Peppol provides a universal digital language for businesses around the globe, regardless of whether you are issuing invoices or managing other business operations.

Cygnet.One's thanks to this accreditation, one will be able to communicate with clients in all Peppol member nations, including the USA, China, Japan, Singapore, Australia, and other European countries. Cygnet.One being certified as a Peppol-certified service provider demonstrates a company's global commitment to streamlining corporate processes.


E-invoicing compliance is being pursued by nations worldwide.

"E-invoicing compliance is being pursued by nations worldwide. The basis for developing and supporting e-invoicing in our solutions is using the Peppol architecture. Now that we are a Peppol Access Point, multinational companies and exporters can take advantage of this and conduct business easily. According to Niraj Hutheesing, Founder and Managing Director of Cygnet.One, "This move will go hand in hand with euVAT, e-Invoicing & other tech-enabled compliance products for Africa, Europe, GCC, India, Southeast Asia, and other regions."

Businesses that join Cygnet can access the whole Peppol network with just one agreement, saving them the hassle of managing several connections. Peppol's open four-corner approach guarantees no roaming costs between access points, making its solutions affordable for companies of all kinds.


Cygnet.One guarantees smooth integration with accounting software and ERPs by strongly emphasising conformity to local legislation and standards.

Peppol offers several benefits.

Peppol offers several benefits that will change how companies run. We can guarantee efficiency and consistency by using standardised formats for data mapping and document sharing. This translates to fewer errors, more efficient procedures, and improved global partner collaboration.


Peppol also expedites the payment cycle and enhances cash flow management by streamlining the processing of billing and invoices using standardised data fields and formats. Reducing administrative costs and delays allows businesses to concentrate on development and innovation, which drives success in today's competitive industry.

Cygnet.One is well-known for being one of the top suppliers in Kenya, Saudi Arabia, and India.

With Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, and all other nations that will soon need e-invoicing compliance, Cygnet. One has expanded its reach. Cygnet.One, well-established in these areas, keeps raising the bar for e-invoicing solutions.


With its certification as a Peppol-certified service provider, Cygnet.One welcomes enterprises to embrace the future of global e-invoicing and join the revolution as Peppol continues to gain traction as the worldwide standard for electronic transactions.One aims to enable companies to prosper in a world that is becoming more linked.