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Bulletproof hosting: A haven for cyber threats

Bulletproof hosting allows all sorts of data, including cyber threats and nefarious categories of data, to be uploaded to the internet

The good stuff refers to the data that is legally stored and accessed, while the bad stuff—malware, ransomware and so forth—is hidden and accessed illegally. Most countries consider it illegal to provide web hosting services for such threats. Hosting such nefarious category of data is called bulletproof hosting.

Living on the Internet

Like any other data, these threats also need to be stored somewhere on the internet. Each and every component of data on the internet needs a place to live in. The data cannot simply float around the internet. This is where the web hosting companies step in. They provide the customers with an ability to upload and store data, which is stored on numerous servers and is made easily accessible when needed. In order to prevent their customers from uploading malicious data on their servers, web hosting companies have an elaborate list of the type of content their customers can upload.

No restrictions

Despite the laws and the Dos and Don’ts lists, threats are increasing and propagating through the internet. That brings us to the question as to where does all of this malicious content live on the internet? The answer is bulletproof hosting which allows all sorts of data to be uploaded. Exploit kits, botnets, malware, ransomware, and data stolen through data breaches are some of the nefarious categories of data that are stored using bulletproof hosting.

Bulletproof hosting is comparatively lenient when it comes to restrictions on the type of data that can be uploaded. Therefore, bulletproof hosting is usually found in countries that have less stringent laws. And different laws across countries create a gray area that enables cyber criminals to evade law enforcement.

Not easy to take it down

Bulletproof hosting services ensure that the client data and credentials are secured even in the wake of law enforcement. Taking down these bulletproof hosting services is not easy as there are complicated registration structures and long drawn legal processes that may involve multiple countries. This provides cyber criminals with more than enough time to move their operations to another bulletproof hosting provider.

The article has been written by Neetu Katyal, Content and Marketing Consultant

She can be reached on LinkedIn.


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    Nice Article. I believe Bulletproof hosting are good for freedom of speech. But yes some people miss ues it. Once again wonderful post. Was useful

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