Building a positive future of work for women is a collective responsibility: Ankita Ghosh, Fiserv Global Services

Ankita Ghosh, Director, Software Engineering, Fiserv Global Services spoke to Dataquest on International Women’s Day 2022

Supriya Rai
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Ankita Ghosh, Fiserv Global Services

Ankita Ghosh, Director, Software Engineering, Fiserv Global Services spoke to Dataquest on International Women’s Day 2022 on various issues that are affecting women at present. Ankita says that if we need to actually break the bias, organizations, leaders, allies, mentors, society and women themselves need to work towards the goal collectively. Here’s the full interview


DQ: How has the perception towards women in technology changed over the years?

Ankita Ghosh: On the back of increased digital adoption, the tech industry is expanding its scope for women who want to pursue a career in technology-based niche roles. Women representation in roles related to data and analytics, machine learning, automation, artificial intelligence and more, is considerably growing. Further, hybrid work models are helping women balance their professional and personal commitments seamlessly and build networks. 

DQ: What are your thoughts on diversity in the technology industry? Why in your opinion must companies entrust women with leadership roles?


Ankita Ghosh: It’s a fact that diversity in leadership roles leads to better innovation and stronger financial performance for organizations. Enabling inclusivity at all levels is crucial not only to set the right tone for organizational culture but also to drive sustained business growth in technology or any other industry. With more women in leadership roles, organizations can increase their leadership impact, navigate challenges better and help retain and promote high potential talent.

DQ: The pandemic has thrown up several challenges for women. How have you dealt with it, and helped your team deal with it?

Ankita Ghosh: One of the biggest challenges that perhaps everyone faced as a result of the pandemic, irrespective of gender, is ensuring well-being while balancing work and family. One needs to accept that you cannot ‘pour from an empty cup’. 


Personally, I have created avenues for myself to rejuvenate and recharge regularly.  

I also continuously encourage my team to prioritize and focus on their well-being during these challenging times. At Fiserv, we are committed to the holistic well-being of our associates and have various programs in which associates, and their families can engage. 

DQ: What are the steps that are needed to be taken to ensure more participation from women?


Ankita Ghosh: Building a positive future of work for women is the collective responsibility of organizations, leaders, allies, mentors, society and women themselves. Companies need to explore strategic partnerships that can drive diverse hiring and build opportunities for growth. Engagement platforms and employee resource groups can help connect women employees and offer the right network for support to drive holistic development. Companies can also create regular opportunities for skill-building, mentoring, and networking. Further, women need to continually keep themselves updated on new technology trends and tools. 

DQ: As a woman working in the tech field, do you have any role models that you look up to?

Ankita Ghosh: As they say, being the role model is the most powerful form of educating. I look up to the career journeys of many inspiring women leaders who come from different industries and walks of life and inspire the next generation of career seeking women in India and across the world. 


DQ: How has your journey been in your organisation?

Ankita Ghosh: My journey so far has been a great learning experience all throughout. I have experienced first-hand a very empathetic and career-supportive leadership in this organization. It’s truly a family-first organization, whilst providing the right level of challenges to keep me stimulated, empowering me through upskilling and networking platforms, enabling me to deliver the best experiences for my stakeholders, and encouraging me to achieve my true potential.

DQ: What are some of the gender-inclusive policies in your company?


Ankita Ghosh: With diversity and inclusivity deep rooted in our corporate culture, fostering an environment that is open, safe, and positive is central at Fiserv. We pride ourselves of being an equal opportunity employer and have a benefits portfolio that builds on our inclusive and diverse ecosystem.

At Fiserv, we have an ecosystem that is conducive for women – from hiring practices to nurturing their careers. For instance, our program ‘Forward for Her’ engages women returning to work after a career break and offers specialized support throughout their career journeys. The Leading Women Program provides an opportunity for our women leaders to gain valuable executive and peer exposure to hone leadership capabilities.

Embracing Parenthood, is our gender-neutral program supporting associates during their significant life milestone of parenthood. We support our women associates who return after maternity to balance child-care needs with practices such as access to a Mother’s Room. We build inclusive platforms for engagement for our associates to collaborate and network and develop. Our Employee Resource Group, Women Impact Network, is designed to foster gender equality at the workplace and to help women associates to connect and support each other for a thriving career.