BTP is a multi-faceted operation: SAP TechEd 2022

In a fireside chat, post the inaugural address at the SAP TechEd, Scott Davis, CEO, ASVG, said, the customer base across North America, Germany, and India, need the ability to innovate faster. We also have a gap of some knowledge partners, who are not as knowledgeable. We have to further do a better job about expanding BTP.

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) brings together data and analytics, artificial intelligence, application development, automation, and integration.

He added that we came to the table only early this year. And, that was a miss for BTP. Today, customers have become more introspective. BTP is a multi-faceted operation. We are now moving onto BTP. We can help the customers develop faster.

Juergen Mueller, CTO, SAP, said that every company today has become a tech company. We can help such companies by improving their low-code capability. You also need to practice. The customer community is committed to the SAP platform for over 50 years now. Customers have also reached their goals by modifying ERP. Integration is also very important for our customers. A lot of them have used it for on-premise app. Now, they are using the cloud for integration. For 2023, we also need to double down.

DQI Bureau | DATAQUEST L-R: Oliver Roll, Scott Davis, and Juergen Mueller.

In an exclusive with Dataquest, Juergen Mueller, CTO, SAP, said that we have over 10,000 people working on BTP. During the pandemic, we switched to remote work. We also looked at business continuity (BC). However, people were always first. Supply chain was also hit very badly. Countries, such as China, India, and Germany, had several challenges. Shipping containers were also missing, in many cases.

For the SAP Build, we continued to work during the pandemic. We want to work with even more developers. We continued with the largest business transformation in decades during the pandemic. It was actually very tough for everyone. We had to do intense remote work. With SAP Build, we are now inviting the SMEs to work with us.

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