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Bringing DeepTech to APAC? Here are Asia’s top accelerators

Do you intend to launch your business in Asia? Or are you a business owner looking for capital and guidance?

We examined current accelerator programs in the Asia Pacific region and picked the top ones for your convenience.

Asia’s top start-ups accelerator programs for DeepTech:

Tribe Accelerator

Tribe Accelerator is a blockchain accelerator that collaborates closely with the Singapore government, with the goal of serving as a neutral platform for fostering collaboration and growth in the blockchain ecosystem. It’s a product-focused accelerator that gives promising startups access to a hyper connected platform where they can collaborate with our network of global enterprises, government agencies, and top blockchain companies to develop breakthrough solutions.

Brinc Accelerator

Brinc is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs to focus on growing their businesses while also improving how we feel, live, eat, and move. Its personalised programs are designed for startups to establish key early-stage validation and traction, and are powered by individually tailored programs and dedicated office hours from in-house experts. Brinc’s accelerator programs, manufacturing services, finance, and community are all aimed to assist founders in using technology to solve global problems.

 JGI Retail Tech Accelerator

Built on a solid technique developed in Silicon Valley and proven to function in a variety of locations. This program’s major purpose is to get our startups to start a pilot project or sign a contract with a corporate client. JGI Accelerator is a JUiNCUBATOR program. JGI Accelerator is a rigorous and thorough program designed at propelling young tech firms to high-impact growth by condensing years of learning into a few months of execution.

Open Network Lab Resi-Tech

In conjunction with significant Japanese corporations that dominate the real estate, construction, and lifeline industries, Open Network Lab Resi-Tech taps into the Digital Garage Group’s global network and experience assisting startups at all levels. It encourages open innovation and supports innovative companies at all phases of development as they develop goods and services that enable people to live rich lives. The Open Network Lab team will act as a conduit to the Japanese market, the Resi-Tech partner consortia, and the startup ecosystem for startups interested in growing to Japan or Asia.

SOW Asia

SOW Asia wants to assist you in locating the cash, skills, contacts, and experience you require to expand your company. They host pitch nights for you to demonstrate your business, inviting their investor networks to attend (philanthropists, impact investors and angel investors). SOW Asia may invest or co-invest when there is a good fit.


The author is Tanisha Gupta.

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