'Bring information to your customer touch point'

DQI Bureau
New Update

Terry Retter is director of strategy and technical programs at

PricewaterhouseCoopers, and a consulting editor to the Technology Forecast.

While in India to present the key findings of the latest Tech Forecast, he spoke

to Dataquest about emerging technology trends and their significance for



What are the big jumps in technology, looking forward?

There are no "big jumps," only a progress in the things that

started way back in mid-nineties. We see the Internet evolving in a big way,

which is fundamentally changing the scene of telecom, and the way applications

are written. Along with that, we are seeing a new train of consumer devices,

which make use of innovative applications, which in turn has changed the way the

applications are designed, developed and deployed as well. So we are seeing a

shift in how markets are perceived, and how consumers and end-users interact

with systems. This is making a major shift in the business model from where

products were brought into markets, to one where consumers themselves

proactively demand the products and services they want.

You have chosen the ‘intelligent real-time enterprise’

as the theme for the latest Tech Forecast. Why?

Real-time is the ability to adjust rapidly to changes in marketplace, in

competition, in customer domains, etc. The intelligence is being able to gain

information out of a vast array of legacy applications–the Internet-facing

applications, and the customer-facing applications that have been deployed in

the last two-three years. And combine that with the way business processes have

got extended well beyond the boundaries of the enterprise. Now you are feeding

information to the applications and systems of your partners and suppliers as

well. So this is the point we discussed last year as well: how do enterprises

extract information out of their vast array of applications in a manner that it

doesn’t remain exclusive to top executives, but comes to the forefront and at

the touch point with the customer, and helps the enterprise affect transactions,

and deliver products and services in an better way?

Do you have one "tech" recommendation to


That generality is very hard to obtain. The key is to understand that

technology enables change. Understanding the implications of that change and

making sure that it is compliant with business strategies and objectives is

really what executives need to work on. The key is to leverage the capabilities

of the technology to be able to push out more effective products and

technologies out of your enterprise.

Rishi Seth in New Delhi