Bridging the gap in customer experience: CA Manoj Mani Agrawal, Director, CSA Consultants

CSA Consultants was established back in 1991, during the early days of India's computerization wave and the year of liberalization

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CSA Consultants

Manoj Mani Agrawal, the Director of CSA Consultants Pvt. Ltd., is a seasoned professional with over three decades of post-qualification experience recently. His expertise spans across various domains, including Finance, Audit, Taxation, Life Insurance, and Investment. Manoj Agrawal has not only honed his skills in these areas but has also been at the forefront of leading a team of consultants in the successful implementation of Tier I ERP solutions and CRM solutions. 


Under the visionary leadership of CA Manoj Mani Agrawal, CSA Consultants Pvt. Ltd. has emerged as a stalwart in the industry. With a rich history spanning three decades, CSA Consultants has been a driving force in empowering MSMEs and businesses alike. The company is renowned for offering best-in-breed solutions in CX, ERP, EPPM, CRM, and Consulting, catering to the evolving needs of its clients. Notably, CSA Consultants Pvt. Ltd. has earned its reputation as the go-to provider for SAP CX solutions in the Eastern region, cementing its position as a trusted partner for businesses seeking excellence and innovation in their operations. Manoj recently spoke to Dataquest about the evolving domain of customer experience.


DQ: Can you provide a brief overview of CSA Consultants and its core areas of expertise?


Manoj Mani Agrawal: CSA Consultants was established back in 1991, during the early days of India's computerization wave and the year of liberalization, as you may recall. We began with a couple of co-founders who were professionals, including chartered accountants. Our initial goal was to empower our CA practice clients with the capabilities of computing. Over time, we transitioned into a development company. However, around 2005, we shifted our focus towards partnering with enterprise solution companies instead of solely being a development company. Since then, there has been no turning back. In the span of 18 years, we have collaborated with some of the best Indian and global brands. Initially, our primary focus was on enterprise resource planning, but in the past five years, we have increasingly emphasized customer experience (CX). We firmly believe that in this digital era, CX is gaining ever greater importance, and the customer truly reigns supreme, as the saying goes.

DQ: What sets CSA Consultants apart from other companies in the same industry?

Manoj Mani Agrawal: One significant aspect I'd like to highlight is that over the course of three decades, we have evolved by accurately anticipating industry trends and understanding shifting customer preferences. In our pursuit of excellence, we have strategically chosen to partner with companies boasting robust ecosystems to ensure our customers never face unnecessary challenges. We understand that even if a company offers exceptional solutions, without a proper ecosystem, customers might find themselves considering a change in partners, solutions, or upgrades. Hence, we've aligned ourselves with global leaders like SAP, known for their well-defined ecosystems. Moreover, we've built our team from the ground up, prioritizing individuals with deep functional knowledge rather than solely relying on external consultants. This dedicated team, many of whom have been with us for over a decade, strengthens our relationships with both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and customers. This long-standing team is adept at handling all customer requirements as we move forward, ensuring a seamless experience.


DQ: How has CSA evolved and grown since its inception? What is the company's vision and long-term strategic direction?

Manoj Mani Agrawal: Initially, we embarked on our journey with a data processing practice, primarily focused on project-based work. However, this approach meant starting anew once each project concluded. Around 2005, midway through our evolution, we decided to pivot and began partnering with package solutions. Subsequently, we ventured into the realm of global enterprise resource planning solutions. In more recent years, specifically over the past five years, we recognized the growing customer acceptance of cloud computing. This led us to shift our focus towards CX solutions. This continuous evolution has been our hallmark, resulting in a changing revenue stream approximately every five years.


DQ: Could you tell us about your partnership with SAP?

Manoj Mani Agrawal: SAP's CX presence in Eastern India and North India was notably lacking, and we recognized the opportunity to bridge this gap. We embraced the challenge, believing that customers already utilizing SAP would greatly benefit from adopting SAP's CX solution over a generic computing solution. This partnership is steadily evolving as we leverage our expertise in both ERP and CX domains. Given SAP's robust presence in the ERP business, we are optimistic that our collaboration will continue to flourish, bringing more CX customers into the SAP ecosystem.

DQ: How have consumer expectations evolved, and what are your customers' key challenges in meeting those expectations?


Manoj Mani Agrawal: In essence, we've grasped the profound shift in customer psychology within the IT industry over the past decade. Today, customers seek swift, responsive solutions and have grown impatient with long, drawn-out development processes. The advent of cloud computing has amplified the computing power, complemented by the rise of business intelligence and artificial intelligence, intensifying customer expectations to new heights. As a result, our approach to enterprise solutions must evolve to meet these heightened expectations. Loyalty no longer holds the same significance, but we consistently advise customers to choose solutions with robust ecosystems. This approach ensures that their investments, even in cloud-based OPEX solutions, will yield lasting value, especially when opting for solutions like SAP, known for its strong and enduring ecosystem.

DQ: How does CSA approach the CX transformation needs of customers? 

Manoj Mani Agrawal: As mentioned earlier, customer demands for quick turnaround solutions are on the rise, driven by the increasing need for data synergies in a world where data capture is growing exponentially. What used to take five years to accumulate in data is now happening in just one year, and this trend is set to continue. This is where solutions like SAP come into play, as they house approximately 70% of the data within their ERP systems. Opting for SAP CX solutions on top of SAP ERP can provide significant benefits to customers. SAP also excels in business intelligence and offers exceptional dashboards. It's our belief that conveying this trend to customers and highlighting the value of this solution is paramount.