Brands enhance their ROI with Social Media Analytics

Cricket World Cup has been the most talked about event on digital platforms recently, with most official broadcasters providing live online and mobile streaming and users consuming digital content on the go. TO THE NEW Digital, which is a leading SMACK player and an internet Solutions Company across Asia has derived Social Media Analytics on trends and real time conversation taking place amongst users across all social media channels.

One of the key aspects tracked by them is ‘how brands have used different social media channels to capitalize on this World Cup’. For millennial population who have been born in 21st century the social media has emerged as the most preferred channel to consume cricket content and therefore brands leveraged this event to a great extent. A lot of them have launched some innovative campaigns on social media channels, have spent a lot on these campaigns and engaged a lot of social users especially the millennials as well, but at the same time it is important for them to measure the impact of the Buzz about their brand.

TO THE NEW Digital’s Social Media Impact Index served as an effective framework for brands to derive hard core insights on their social media campaigns and suggestive future course of action. This innovative framework combines the insights from the number of social media mentions and impressions along with net sentiment to arrive at a holistic metric called Social Impact Index.

For brands, unlike TRPs, it is not right to measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns on the basis of a single metric like total number of views of World Cup videos on YouTube channels, number of tweets, re-tweets, mentions and impressions generated. However, with the advent of Social Media Monitoring and Analytics, Social Media Sentiments have become an important metric to gauge the true reflection of how the audience reacts offline.

On the basis of these Analytics Deepak Mittal, CEO, TO THE NEW Digital has given recommendation on Social Media Strategies for brands.He further stated,For brands who’ve managed to capture low media sentiments, should invest in Online Reputation Management exercise and brands who have got low Social Media Mentions should invest heavily in improving outreach by investing in Paid Social Media campaigns and seeding their content to relevant Target Groups. The Brands who haven’t received favourable response both on social mentions and social sentiment front should engage in Online Reputation Management exercise to improve their Net Sentiment as well as Paid social media campaigns to improve their outreach. They can also think about evaluating their campaign further and move to a new positioning for their brand on social media front.”