'BPM is the inflection point in the market'

DQI Bureau
New Update


What is information democracy and how is it connected with

business performance management (BPM)?

It is the "right of individuals" within enterprises-which
roughly translates into individuals having access to tools that help them glean

insights, leverage an opportunity or correct an issue before it becomes a

problem. BPM has the capability to deliver enable information democracy in the

enterprises, en masse to all the constituents-aligning people, processes and


BPM marries BI to planning and control cycle and creates the

fluid process that allows modeling scenarios, developing them and measuring

against achievement. With BPM you can go back to the basic business plan change

the assumptions or other parameters, the implications of those changes get

reflected throughout the plan. Analytics and BI are only a component here. It is

the business focus that is primary. There was a time when BI was about

technology. Users don't really care about the technology, they are interested

in their business and tools that can help them align their businesses with

customers and suppliers.

IT is not the catalyst anymore, business focus is. And emergence

of BPM is that inflection point in the market place where the customers are

demanding more and BI is not enough.


How is Hyperion positioned to align with the business of the


We are way ahead of our closest competitor in terms of the value that we
deliver to our customers. Since its launch last year, Hyperion System 9 has

acquired 800 customers. In the recent past, we have executed a couple of

acquisitions to strengthen our hold on the BPM market. The strategy is to evolve

System 9 beyond finance applications. We are expanding into adjacent areas of

workforce management and operations.

Enterprises have a fragmented view of their operations. The

relationship between various applications is not understood empirically. But

once BPM is extended beyond financial BPM, it will have a positive impact on



Is BPM available on demand?

There is nothing in the technology that precludes us from delivering the
software-as-a-service (SAAS). However, typically SAAS is targeted at small

players in certain applications serving the low end of the market and is a very

small percentage. BPM is currently not being marketed as SAAS... We are

carefully watching the on-demand software market and are not complacent about

maintaining our position as the BPM leader.

Nandita Singh