introduced the Beta Version of AIDA, a software provider which uses artificial intelligence to democratize analytics recently launched the Beta Version of their product AIDA, in a quest to simplify the complexities of marketers involved in analytics. is renowned for their technology to build products that enable enterprises solve their most critical analytics problems. In this version, you can configure and try out the product to understand how AIDA works.

With AIDA, marketers can personalize conversations as per the preferences of the customer. These context-led messages are consistent across all engagement channels. This AI powered tool enables creation of messages that are triggered based on previous interactions of the customer with the brand. Treating each customer as a segment of one, AIDA helps in scaling and engaging with customers in real-time.

With a simple conversational interface, integrating AIDA helps in leveraging the power of the website. Additionally, a free trial and pay-per-use model which means it’s suitable for all types of internet-based companies.

“In today’s dynamic trade environment, retailers and brands seek answers to perplexing questions like whether they are selling the right product at the right price. Our Beta version product suite will help you to understand how AIDA works and can tell you what the competition is doing, in real-time, and enable a rapid turnaround in pricing strategies in product line.” says Ajay Kashyap – Co-Founder of

He adds, “Delivering real-time price matching and product information to all of our users is an essential component of the complete shopping experience. Through our products, retailers and are able to identify trends, enable ordering in line with the demand and allow targeted promotion based on customer preference, which positions them ahead in the competitive race.”

Boxx personalization methodology is a superior solution as it is simple to use, requiring less than one day of integration and configuration effort.

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