BMS firms helping in the faster adoption of electric vehicles

One of the most important aspects in the adoption of electric vehicles and making them affordable is the performance of electric batteries

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With the Indian government pushing for faster adoption of electric vehicles in the country and announcing impactful policies to give an impetus towards the same, automotive manufacturers in India are moving towards making affordable and efficient electric vehicles in India. But one of the most important aspects of this transition is the performance of electric batteries. This can only be achieved if the manufacturers were able to collect data and analyze it to understand the battery life.


In this regard, battery management system firms in India as well as across the world are providing accurate data as well as innovative solutions to manufacturers looking for improving the performance of the battery life. Here are a few firms that are helping catalyze India move towards an all-electric future:


An American automotive and energy company, Tesla is one of the leading pioneers in the electric vehicle sector. With specialization in electric car manufacturing and, through its SolarCity subsidiary, solar panel manufacturing the firm has a battery management system which monitors the battery's state of charge, temperature and other parameters in real-time.


ION Energy

ION Energy is one of the global leading battery management and intelligence platform based in India. The brainchild of Akhil Aryan and Alexandre Collet, its primary focus is on building technologies that enhance battery life. Battery Makers and OEMs around the world use ION’s platform to optimize their battery management systems (BMS) and build world-class batteries. This highly intelligent platform presents OEMs and battery makers the complete functionality an flexibility needed to intelligently monitor key parameters affecting the life and performance of their battery.

Sun Mobility


Sun Mobility is one of the leading manufacturers of electric vehicle batteries in India. The firm provides customized solutions and smart batteries with management systems that provide state of charge, automatic detection of charging stations, optimizes battery health among other parameters with the use of IoT and data analytics which provides real-time feedback to customers and fleet owners.

Ewert Energy Systems

An American research and development company focusing on developing solutions for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. The firm provides Orion Battery Management System (BMS) which is specifically designed to meet tough requirements of protection and management of battery packs. The firm is also able to provide data on battery life, performance, state of charge, temperature, etc.



A German multinational engineering and technology company, the firm provides battery management system services to electric vehicle manufacturers wherein in July the firm announced cloud services for its customers. The system gathers real-time data on the speed at which batteries are charging; the number of charge cycles they’ve undergone; stress from rapid acceleration and deceleration; and ambient temperature which helps automakers optimize and be able to extend the battery life.

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