Blockchain- A New Solution to Unemployment in India

New Update

In order to further digitally strengthen the Indian economy, Finance Minister Arun Jaitely in his budget speech has mentioned that technologies like Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain technology and like will establish a country level programme to research new developments in this field. Also, for ushering in digital technology, the government of India will take proactive steps towards exploring the blockchain technology.


Coinlancer is one such platform for the clients as well as the freelancers in blockchain technology. Coinlancer has been listed in EtherDelta, HitBTC and Cryptopia. Coinlancer, a decentralized digital currency, is usually a connection between the two peers. Amongst many blockchain companies, Coinlancer is generating significant interest in the industries in India. Budget 2018 in India clearly boasts of opportunities in creating jobs or employment through varied sectors. The idea of freelancing will surely lead to make this a turning point in India. Blockchain technology can be used in multiple sectors through investments. For implementing its public policies and various schemes in India, Coinlancer has adopted such technique by considering the prioritized needs for making services available through digitisation. Coinlancer is one such platform where big entities, firms’, etc. can enable safer, faster and cheaper transactions digitally. All the transactions are completed in a transparent manner.

Dhaval Parekh, Founder, COINLANCER- a blockchain platform for effective freelancing, says, "We appreciate the proposal presented by our honourable finance minister during his budget speech that aims to digitize India even more. The use of blockchain will surely help the country generate more jobs for freelancing. Job creation is an integral focus area of the government and acceptance of blockchain is the first step towards it."

To realise the benefits at the industry level, Coinlancer and its competitors, constantly keep exploring business opportunities to improve their business associates and subsidiaries. Thus, blockchain technology will help add a feather to the Finance Minister’s vision by creating more jobs through freelancing.

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