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BigBasket acquires DeepTech startup Agrima Infotech

BigBasket acquires the enterprise business unit of the DeepTech startup, Agrima Infotech to power the former’s self checkout stores with computer vision technology platform, Psyight. BigBasket recently opened its first technology-driven self-service ‘Fresho’ retail store in Bangalore.

Psyight technology platform, founded by Anoop Balakrishnan, Arun Ravi and Nikhil Dharman under their startup Agrima Infotech in Kochi, helps identify all Indian fruits and vegetables uniquely from an image without using barcodes. “We are super happy to join forces with BigBasket to redefine the offline shopping experience for Bharat,” said Anoop Balakrishnan, Cofounder- CEO of Agrima Infotech.

“Detecting raw food items like fruits and vegetables uniquely from an image is a complex machine vision problem since the appearance of those items may change drastically according to the location of its origin and seasons, we have captured thousands of images of each SKU’s across the seasons and from different locations to achieve cent per cent accuracy,” said Arun Ravi, Co-founder and COO of Agrima.

Hari Menon, CEO of Bigbasket officially announced the acquisition at the Huddle Global event conducted by Kerala Startup Mission.

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