Big Data Strategy

Big Data in India: A CxO Perspective

By Jasmine Kohli and Prerna Sharma


Movers and Packers









Being in the logistics industry, it is very important for us to get close to the data as this helps us in getting the actual picture of the situation prevailing in the market. The quantum of data that is being handled is relatively not so large but the complexity comes into the picture when the data comes from multiple platforms and is of real time in nature. It gets very complex to verify and validate data of such nature.

Analytics supplements the organizational efforts in many ways and for a logistic firm, keeping track of all important domains of business is possible only through analytics. It supplies us with data that reduces the ideal time for vehicles. We can also plan our route details to increase efficiency of our fleet in terms of loading, delivery, and transit time.

Analytics plays a big role in realization of achieving optimum customer satisfaction by supplying us with all the necessary details that are used in the formulation of customer-centric strategies and to control any deviation. This makes sure that we deliver what we want to and with the desired level of excellence.

We have developed customized tools to manage our data made on Java and other platforms. Analytics provides us with a 360 degree view from the perspective of all the departments and helps us improve internal as well as external functions.

After the deployment of the solution, there have been many constructive changes as now the decision making has become far easier. Proactive decisions are being made with the help of data supplied and forecasting can be done based on reliable supplies. Planning is getting facilitated at every stage and is making our commitments even easier to achieve.

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