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Bhavish Aggarwal Defends Ola Electric, Says “Don’t be Afraid of Change”

Ola Electric has been in the news for all the wrong reasons of late, and the CEO has recently responded to the criticism on Twitter

Ola Electric has been facing strong criticism from some consumers across various cities of India. While some claim that the Ola Electric scooter has been facing heating issues, other state that the battery is draining out faster than it normally should. The latest issue was recently raised by Hormazd Sorabjee, the editor of Autocar India and car nut, has claimed on Twitter that his Ola Electric S1 Pro did not start when he tried to power it up.

“Tried powering up my S1 Pro yesterday. NOTHING happened! Called the Ola rep who sent a truck pronto to pick up my dead scooter. Shocking that a scooter less than 2 months old and under 100km on odo should pack up like this. Smacks of the lax quality culture that plagues,” he tweeted to which several other customers tweeted that they were facing similar issues. “Don’t worry, it is not just you but most of us are facing some issue with the product. You might be getting attention more than common pubilc since your are a celebrity,” responded Mohanraj along with a picture of his vehicle being towed by the Ola team.

However, Bhavish Aggarwal, CEO of Ola Cabs and Ola Electric did not take to the tweet kindly and responded that his tweet displayed bias. “Hormazd, while your tweet smacks of a strong bias, glad our service team solved this same day for you. Let’s see how many brands able to do this at scale. We’ve upgraded you to MoveOS 2 which solves the specific issue. Enjoy, commit to End Ice Age and don’t be afraid of change,” he said. 

The editor of Autocar India and car nut in turn responded to this tweet saying: “Bhavish, I think the goal should be to not having any problems at all over solving a problem on the same day. As for bias, maybe you’ve missed our reviews where we’ve objectively spelled out pros and cons. There’s lots to like in the S1 Pro, when it works.” 

That said, Ola Electric has now announced that a new MoveOS 2.0 update will be released for all its scooters in June 2022, which will address several issues. Aggarwal has shared that the update offers navigation, companion app, cruise control, Bluetooth, lots of performance improvements and more. Apart from these features, a voice control support will also be added through which users can operate certain features of their scooters through the command “Hey Ola”. 

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