Bharti: Taking Bharat by Storm

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A supple IT infrastructure lends support for all new projects


Dr Jai Menon, Bharti

A crystal clear vision impeccably translated into action-that is the story

of Bharti. A measured planning has led Bharti on the technology road, which

began its journey in 2002 and is well etched out till 2007. The scale of the

current IT machinery includes over a thousand IBM, HP and Sun servers all over

Bharti, with the main data center being located in Delhi.

Bharti's factory model comprises four functions: Solutions Engagement which

makes IT deliverable to a project sponsor; Program Management Office to ensure

delivery on time; Application Development and Operations to keep the first three

running-all these sitting on top of Bharti's internal Strategy and

Architecture Roadmap. Solutions engagement has been kept in-house, while the

rest have been strategically outsourced to IBM.


In fact, Bharti has been a case study for IT infrastructure outsourcing in

India Inc. The landmark $750 mn IBM deal, which is based on a revenue-sharing

model, takes care of its every IT need. The comfort couch that comes with this

engagement is the fact that capex blips do not hinder the IT cost at Bharti.

All the 23 mobile circles have their own IT departments, with a central

Architecture Review Board (ARB) reviewing the performance circle. The IBM

WebSphere intranet allows for audio/video conferencing and chat as well as other

sparkles like e-learning, knowledge management and content management. Lotus is

Bharti's pick for email. The major applications supporting the systems are

Kenen Billing, Oracle CRM, Intec Interconnect and NCR TeraData for Business

intelligence and Data warehousing. The titanic telecom has a captive call center

for post-paid and fixed-line services, whereas, prepaid has been outsourced.

Bharti's disaster recovery facility is situated in Chennai.



Complete outsourcing of its entire IT

- Intranet allows for audio/video conferencing and chat


To have IP based visualized call centres

For 2005, Bharti's three major initiatives are the logical next steps in

its IT journey. An enhanced IBM selective partner outsourcing, an IP-based

virtualized call center infrastructure across all locations using auto call

diversion and speech recognition and a Service Delivery Platform (SDP) for

content and application services to be delivered to the end customer over

mobile, fixed line and broadband.

A supple IT infrastructure, which continuously maps business requirements to

IT requirements, lends support to Bharti for all its new projects. With the GPRS

network already rolled out, the next would be the Edge network and further

exploration of 3G including DSL broadband and broadband wireless (Wi Max 802.16

& 802.20).