Beyond Gender Inclusivity

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The href="">Nasscom

“Diversity and Inclusivity Summit 2009” at

Bangalore saw a plethora of women from the IT-BPO sector participating

in the event. Themed “Diversity and Inclusivity Actions

– Winning in a Transforming Economy” probably for

the first time not only touched the subject of gender inclusivity as a

business imperative but also included factors such as age, culture,

gender and recruitment of disabled people. However, the central theme

of the whole agenda was talent pool v/s Gender Inclusivity. Would

enterprises focus on talent pool or href="">gender

diversity? Which is the most

important criteria for an organization?

Says href="">Som
Mittal, President, Nasscom

“The Indian IT-BPO industry has set high standards in

inclusivity and has recognized the business imperative for diversity

and inclusion. Women are a vital part of the workforce and the industry

is working towards developing a diverse and inclusive workforce for the

world. Said, Vinay Dhumale, Dean and Lead Mentor, MBA Program, Manipal

University, “In this shaking dynamics, everything is

changing. Businesses cannot say Que Sara Sara. From changing business

dynamics to climate changes, one has to keep on strategizing and

winning. How much mighty one might be, success is not guaranteed

throughout. We have to morph ourselves according to the changing

dynamics.” On lines of gender inclusivity he added that a key

outcome from diversity is culture and a healthy culture is needed.

Similarly like growth, success needs to be shared as well.

Diversity just a Lip Service?

The panel discussion moderated by Nupur Basu, Independent Journalist
and Documentary Film maker raised this question to the panelists

– Is Diversity just a Lip Service? Adds Suresh Vaswani, Joint

CEO IT Business, Wipro Limited, “Diversity inclusivity is

part of the planning process and there is a new norm in the world today

that gender inclusivity is a strategic imperative. However it is also

important to access talent pool in the country.” Wipro

totally believes in diversity and gender inclusivity, however retaining

talent is a more important aspect for the organization. Harsh Manglik

Chairman and Geography Managing Director, Accenture India, said,

“In the emerging world gender diversity makes a lot of sense

for businesses. From a mental principle, society is based on equal

justice and equal opportunities. Either ways diversity and inclusion

links to creating conditions for opportunities and helps women to

contribute and engage in the work processes.”

Mohan Sekhar, President and COO, href="">Collabera
said, “Diversity is

looked as a very important factor and that IT and BPO has come a long

way to address the gender inclusivity and diversity. However

sensitivity in dealings, employee satisfaction, and retaining the right

talent and right output should be key for any organization. However

Sudhir Sethi, Founder Chairman and MD, IDG Ventures India felt that

“The biggest challenge is talent in the world. The key

question would be – Would you focus on diversity or would you

focus on talent. Another challenge organizations face is attrition

where companies do not compromise. They have to take in account the

talent criteria rather than the gender inclusivity criteria.

” A interesting area which Sethi raised was that a lot

depends on the size of the company to push gender diversity. There is

so much focus on the percentage of women employees employed, however

one needs to also see that companies who have the time and energy

coupled with capital and investment will be able to foster gender

inclusivity and gender diversity in their organization.

through WEConnect

Nasscom on sidelines of this event also launched WEConnect India, an
organization that reaches out to women owned businesses. The

organization certifies these businesses according to the established

international norms and connects them to Fortune 500 companies. The

goal is to create competitive advantage and push sustainable economic

growth for women owned businesses.


Nasscom recognized key industry awards for organizations fostering
gender inclusivity and diversity. href="">IBM


won the award for excellence in gender inclusivity in the BPO category;

Hytech Professionals India Limited won the award for excellence in

gender inclusivity in the best emerging company (less than five years

existence) category; Integra Software Services won the award for

excellence in gender inclusivity in the best company with less than

1000 employees category; while IBM India won the Nasscom award for

excellence in gender inclusivity in the best childcare services. The

award criteria included parameters such as business rationale, senior

leadership support, communication, accountability, and measurable