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New Update

The growing demand for modern mattresses in India and changing business

modalities has forced the mattress manufacturers to revamp their processes and

realign businesses. It is therefore technology that came to their rescue and

helped to cater to the growing needs. By embracing and implementing new age

technology, the Indian mattress manufacturing industry not only got a new look

and feel, but it all offered its buyers a completely different experience of

purchasing the product.


Having said so, it is not about any rocket science engineering that has done

some magic or brought some miraculous changes in mattresses or their purchase.

The driver has been automation of business processes by the manufacturers that

has created few visible and few not so visible yet impact-ful changes in the

whole process.

A Tender Touch

Creating an IT architecture supporting business needs is no easy task. And

when it comes to taking on the responsibility of providing happiness and comfort

to people, one has to be doubly assured. Kurlon has pioneered rubberized coir

mattress manufacturing in India, and it is with this penchant to maintain the

lead that the company went ahead with several technology initiatives to bring in

transparency and an integrated approach to business functionalities. "We are

trying to innovate and implement modern technology within our organization to

offer the users state-of-the-art computing capabilities as well as leverage on

the benefits to improve our business," says Harish Pai, AGM, information &

systems, Kurlon.

With new technologies, we have been able

to cover the gaps between procurement, production, and sales and


Harish Pai, AGM, information & systems, Kurlon


Being into the business of pure comfort, Kurlon has remained focused towards

developing fresh products and designs. Embracing modern technology has been a

business need. The company has of late deployed enterprise ERP system from SAP

replacing all its legacy software. The data center architecture has been

structured on HP server platform. "This new implementation has brought in great

benefits to our organization including transparency, efficiency, process

optimization, cost benefits. And above all, it has given us a uniform platform

and single window access to all the core functionalities," says Pai.

Kurlon has revamped its website as well as using web technologies to create

an interactive web environment. To enable online transactions, it has integrated

the web interface with the ERP system. Online orders are thus automatically

processed by the warehouses or production units right from the procurement stage

till despatch of finished products. This has speeded up production process, and

market demands are catered to faster.

"With these new technologies we have been able to cover the gaps between

procurement, production and sales and distribution by streamlining all these and

more," explains Pai. "Since we can now measure our inventory and purchase orders

and synchronize the production processes along with the core functional areas,

new business avenues have opened up for us," he adds.

Kurlon has also created a call center with a toll-free number that handles

all customer support, complaints and enquiries; and is next planning to

implement mobile technology to support marketing and sales level transactions.

"We are very bullish on these new-found benefits, and are planning to further

refine our process by more tech deployments in the near future," says Pie.

Piyali Guha