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Be your authentic self and not look forward to becoming someone else in life: Ruchika Rattan, Aspect Software

Ruchika Rattan, Business Manager, Workforce Optimization & Cloud, South Asia, Aspect Software

Please tell us in detail about your current role at Aspect.
In my current role at Aspect, I am responsible for driving sales and business development initiatives for workforce optimization and cloud portfolio for the South Asia region.
In the last one and half years, my regional scope has expanded to include India, the Middle East and subsequently, the whole of South Asia. This has given me a great opportunity
to learn about different business environments, work cultures, and people across diverse geographies. I have traveled like never before, with hectic work schedules to manage, but the enriching experience including customer workshops, marketing events, one-on-one customer meetings, etc, have made it all worthwhile. Talking about my domain of work,
which is referred to as ‘customer experience’; I have been connected with this theme since the very beginning of my career. It always resonated with my inner self and slowly became
a huge drive within me in the form of ‘Customers First’ attitude, for all that I do each day. I can still recall the talk delivered by the CEO of the first company that I worked with, about
more than ten years ago. He spoke about “Customer Responsiveness” as a concept at length and I clearly remember I was in total agreement with every word he had to say.

I firmly believe that customer is truly the king and will always be. Not only do customers patronize us, but they trust us to deliver the best solutions for their business. We are therefore, duty bound to add value to their business and be responsive to them in all situations, come what may.

How has your journey in the IT industry been so far?
‘Exciting & Enriching’ are two words to describe my journey in the industry so far. Over a decade ago I started my career with two job offers in hand and it wasn’t hard at all for me to decide and stick to the ‘Enterprise Communication’ space. I have always been clear about things I want in life and that helped me make a decision visa- vis job offers.

The first four years of my professional journey helped me imbibe two important personality as well as work traits—be ‘hands-on’ instead of ‘hands-off’ and ‘make no excuse’. Personally, I spend a lot of time preparing for any initiative or assignment by researching as in-depth as possible and getting hands-on if needed, followed by focused execution with no excuses.

The next two years were spent with a telecom company where I continued to unlock my potential. I got the opportunity to explore myself in a role which had product and sales responsibilities clubbed together. This phase gave a deeper purpose to my passion
and that converted into a stronger inner drive—to make a valuable difference to my customers’ businesses. The third phase of my career was with an OEM where I managed global accounts from the frontline as part of the global sales team. This was about uncovering my strengths and weaknesses clearly and quickly.

I saw some huge successes, won accolades throughout for managing top customers, and this journey did transform me in many ways. CXO engagement, Internal cross-functional
engagement, managing sudden difficult situations with customers, internal and external conflict handling, etc, all of that came my way as key experiential learnings.

I became part of Aspect Software one and half year ago & Learning continues…

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