Barracuda Firewall Updated to Enable Microsoft Azure Adoption

New Update

Barracuda Networks, Inc. announced new enhancements to its firewall products to help its customers accelerate Microsoft Azure adoption and become cloud ready. Barracuda NextGen Firewall and Barracuda WAF now include support for publishing logs to the Microsoft OMS dashboard, building on their existing integration with Azure Security Center. Barracuda NextGen Firewall also includes enhanced SD-WAN capabilities to easily and cost effectively connect on-premises networks to cloud infrastructures. Additionally, a new Barracuda WAF REST API provides security for automation and orchestration to DevOps tools, which complements the new integration with Puppet to give customers greater security control over their web applications. Barracuda is demonstrating its firewalls at Microsoft Inspire happening this week, July 9 – 13, 2017 in Washington, D.C. at booth 924.


Microsoft OMS Integration for Increased Visibility and Control

Barracuda firewalls now natively send logs to Microsoft OMS. An ARM Template that sets up an OMS workspace with a Barracuda WAF specific dashboard is now available in the Azure Marketplace, making it easy for administrators to deploy this integration. The dashboard has three views – Application Security View, Application Performance View, and Audit view – allowing administrators to easily visualize and monitor specific aspects of their Barracuda WAF deployment in Azure. Additionally, the Barracuda NextGen Firewall can now push status information directly to Azure OMS. Administrators can further customize and personalize their system by modifying the default dashboard to their preferences.

SD-WAN Features for Enhanced Connectivity


Barracuda NextGen Firewall now provides enhanced SD-WAN features to provide secure, optimized site-to-cloud connectivity. The SD-WAN traffic intelligence enable the firewall to use multiple uplinks for encrypted WAN communications and to apply traffic prioritization, compression and optimization policies. Routing decisions based on the continuously monitored performance of WAN connections ensures that traffic is always using the optimal transport to meet business requirements and guarantee high quality access to cloud resources. Barracuda NextGen Firewall helps organizations easily and cost effectively implement traffic optimized intelligent WANs and save money by reducing the need for expensive MPLS connections.

REST API with Puppet Technology Integration for Enhanced DevOps and DevSecOps Support

New enhancements to the Barracuda WAF include a comprehensive REST API that covers provisioning, deployment and configuration. The enhanced REST API furthers the ability of DevOps teams to include web application security and delivery in their automated deployments, moving them closer toward Continuous Delivery. The new integration with Puppet, automatically ensures that the interdependency between web applications and security is always in its desired state. This provides the required consistency while giving customers the control to make changes as their business evolves.

These enhancements combined with the addition of Barracuda Vulnerability Remediation Service automate the identification and remediation of vulnerabilities in web-facing applications deployed on Azure. Integrating security directly into the agile development cycle removes a significant burden for IT organizations, helping them move to continuous deployment and DevSecOps. As application developers look to leverage the agility and elasticity of public cloud platforms the Barracuda Vulnerability Remediation Service can help to reduce the costs and complexities traditionally associated with auditing code or patching software.

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