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Barracuda accelerates customer cloud transitions with Cloud Ready Program

Barracuda has announced its new “Cloud Ready” program designed to help organizations securely extend their workloads and applications into cloud environments. With each new purchase of an on-premises Barracuda NextGen Firewall or Barracuda Web Application Firewall – including both physical and virtual deployments – Barracuda provides a cloud license for the same solution in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure (Azure) at no additional cost for up to 90 days. Leveraging Barracuda’s cloud-enabled security suite, organizations can deploy their applications and workloads securely with the same powerful capabilities and intuitive user interface whether deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

“In the burgeoning cloud era, IT buyers are in the difficult position of trying to meet the computing needs of today while determining where the compute environment will live over the next few years,” said BJ Jenkins, CEO, Barracuda. “With our “Cloud Ready” program, Barracuda helps to simplify that process. We are empowering customers to make the right decisions for their businesses today, while enabling them to begin sampling cloud with new or existing workloads secured with leading-edge application security and firewall technology.”

Growing Cloud Adoption and Bridge-to-Cloud

Global spending on cloud infrastructure is estimated to grow from $50 bn in 2016 to more than $228 bn by 2026. As many organizations look to leverage cloud resources, operating in a hybrid architecture is often a necessary part of cloud adoption. As a result, most IT organizations are trying to determine how their traditional on-premises infrastructure will work when they start leveraging cloud resources, as well as what to put where, what works best in which environment, or what may need to be kept on-premises. At the same time, security remains a top concern and often a significant burden on under-resourced IT departments.

“While evaluating, implementing and managing security has always been difficult, it has been made more so in the cloud era,” said Michael Osterman, president and principal analyst, Osterman Research. “Offerings like Barracuda’s ‘Cloud Ready’ program gives customers a way to leverage cloud resources and not worry about how they might allocate security resources. This program is particularly interesting for IT decision makers deciding what to manage on-premises, in the cloud, or using both delivery models in a hybrid approach.”

Barracuda has a proven history and a reputation built on successfully helping customers transform their businesses in the on-prem world with competitive pricing, innovative packaging and simplified processes. In the spirit of continuing to make IT simple, secure and affordable for customers, Barracuda’s “Cloud Ready” program offers a path for organizations to adopt cloud infrastructures.

“Barracuda’s built our business around simplicity,” commented Michael Hughes, senior vice president, Worldwide Sales, Barracuda. “We’ve designed our business model to make things easy for customers to leverage advanced security technology for their businesses. Our ‘Cloud Ready’ program is a great example of this philosophy, giving customers the flexibility, choice and freedom to begin cloud deployments without upfront costs.”

Public Cloud Security Leadership

Barracuda is a leader in public cloud security, with firewalls available in Azure, AWS and Google Cloud. More than 50 of the Fortune 1000 have selected Barracuda firewalls to protect and connect to their cloud workloads and applications. Customers deploying Barracuda solutions in cloud environments benefit from:

· Innovative security solutions: powerful, easy-to-use and manage network and application security solutions built for the cloud era.

· Simplified management across all environments: single pane of glass management across on-prem and cloud deployments, which means no difficult retraining or rethinking.

· Flexible deployment options: the only vendor to offer security solutions directly via AWS, Azure and GCP, making it easy for customers to leverage hybrid cloud environments without having to worry about how they are secured.

“Every business is looking to the cloud to power their digital transformation securely and at global scale,” said Mike Schutz, general manager, Cloud Platform Marketing, Microsoft Corp. “Microsoft Azure and our partners are on the leading edge of this transformation. As a key security partner, we are pleased to see Barracuda continue to help accelerate our customers’ innovation in the cloud.”

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