Barco showcases  4K & Laser projection technology


Barco recently concluded a partner meet in Bangalore. Held on June 22, 2017 at Hotel Taj Vivanta, the event saw Barco showcasing its leading-edge projection solutions to AV System Integrators, AV consultants and distributors in the region. Over 100 AV partners attended the meet and shared experience in the sessions. A wide range of interesting, informative and interactive sessions were also organized by the team at Barco to discuss the future of projection technology and how it will play a major role in impacting business productivity.

Major attractions at the event included Barco’s ProAV and virtual reality solutions, such as, the most compact 4K laser phosphor large venue projector, UDX4K32. Operating on Barco’s brand-new UDX platform, UDX4K32 is the compact 4K projector with a light output of up to 32,000 lumens. This 4K laser projector enables rental companies and AV integrators to provide stunning experiences whilst saving both time and money. Barco illustrated how its rugged design and modular components allow users to reduce shipping and labor costs as well as servicing hassles, and benefit from the increased utilization that the projector offers with its flexible brightness and resolution.

Other notable projection solutions at the event included F90-4K, HDX-W20 FLEX, and PGWU-62L. Designed for highly-demanding visitor attractions and simulation applications with 24X7 operations, F90-4K delivers stunning colors and 4K laser images, and is equally suited for applications in events, retail, advertising, boardrooms, and auditoriums. HDX-W20 FLEX is a compact and rugged projector which delivers variable light output of up to 20,000 lumens, which can be modified with the light-on-demand option that comes as a standard integration with it. PGWU-62L is a futuristic multipurpose laser illuminated projector with a 20,000-hour laser diode lifetime and is also amongst the quietest laser phosphor projector in the market.

Award-winning Event Master E2

All projection solutions at the event were driven by the Event Master E2, Barco’s award-winning 4K image processing system. Enabling superior image quality, exceptional input and output density, great expandability and durability, E2 is currently the only system available that will drive beyond 80 megapixels of video content and manage 4K projector blend with refresh rates up to 60Hz.

Barco also showcased its innovative collaboration solution, ClickShare, and how it could enhance meeting room productivity for multiple users to transfer and share content simultaneously on the display device of their choice.

A “forward-looking” approach to India

 Speaking at the event, Mr. Peter Pauwels, Director – Strategic Marketing (ProAV & Events), Barco NV, said, “As India gears up to stake its claim as a technologically-developed nation, it becomes imperative for Barco and our respected partners to adopt a forward-looking approach and leverage audio visual technology to optimize our customers their operations.”

The Bangalore event further consolidates Barco’s domain leadership in India and its vision to redefine the country’s visualization and projection landscape with futuristic tools. The company will be organizing similar events in Delhi and other cities to further raise awareness about the benefits that its projection technologies can unlock for businesses.


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