Barco Introduces New 4K60p Video Interface Cards

As part of the continued development of the Event Master screen management systems, Barco has introduced two next-generation 4K60p video interface cards. With the new 4K tri-combo input and output cards, single cable 4K60p is supported via DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 2.0 and 12G SDI.

With full 4K@60 4:4:4 12-bit processing at low latency and a rugged modular design that supports easy field upgrade, Barco’s family of advanced screen management processors – the Event Master series – have become the de facto high performance processing solution for rental and staging.

The Event Master processors, E2, S3-4K and EX, have proven to be extremely flexible, supporting powerful scalable solutions for shows of all sizes. Whether supporting multiple smaller shows with single units, or combining multiple processors to support the needs of a single large show, the Event Master processors can be at work every day, helping create an impressive return on investment, rather than sitting idle on the shelf.

With the introduction of these two new video interface cards, Barco continues to expand the modular, future-proof Event Master platform. Consistent with the Barco promise of continuous enhancement and future-proof design, the new 4K tri-combo input and output cards add the latest generation of 4K60p video interface standards to the Event Master series.

In addition to DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 2.0 and 12G SDI, each card also supports 4x 3G SDI, for both quad 4K or multiple HD support. And, thanks to the modular design of the system, the new cards can be easily installed in the field, minimizing down time. According to Tyler Mayne of Evolve Media Group, an early adopter, “The Event Master platform is an ever growing family of solutions that gives its users ultimate flexibility on show-site. The new tri-combo cards demonstrate Barco’s commitment to making Event Master more flexible, versatile and future proof.”

Event Master: keeping up with a changing world

Since its introduction, the Event Master platform has been continuously enhanced, sometimes even delighting the industry with “unexpected” major functionality. This is made possible by the flexible, modular, future-proof architecture of the platform. Fortunately for Barco’s customers, the “future” does not end at Infocomm 2017, as the Barco ImagePROcessing Event Master development team continues their work on many more “surprises” to help our customers create even greater ROI in the future.

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