Bengaluru, Chennai not job sticky?

Bangaloru and Chennai leads the race of being dissatisfied professionally followed by Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai; according to google search trends report.

However, switching jobs may not be linked to their dissatisfaction though. The reason why many switching jobs can be due to ample number of job opportunities in cities like Bangaloru and Chennai compared to other cities like Delhi and Kolkata.

The high level of resignation related searches in Bangaloru may be linked to the many new career opportunities in the IT sector,says the report.

Google Trends over the past one month reflect that the search volume related to ‘Resignation’ has been the lowest in Delhi and Kolkota, indicating that they are content with where they are working, or perhaps there is a lack of opportunity in these cities; respectively.

The residents of Delhi and Kolkata are the most satisfied with their current jobs, in comparison to other metros,according to the report.

A quick analysis of the worldwide trends also shows that Phillipines, Singapore, and United Arab Emirates are searching in huge volumes for resignation letters; while India ranks #5 in this list, Canada ranks last. No surprises as far as Canada is concerned, given that it is said to be one of the happiest nations in the world according to a global study on the social and economic well-being of nations.

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