Bahwan CyberTek Announces Career Relaunch Program to Provide Women on Career Breaks with Full-time Job Opportunities

Bahwan CyberTek Career Relaunch will provide on-the-job learning, mentoring support, and flexible work schedules to women returning into the workforce

Bahwan CyberTek (BCT) Group announced its unique Career Relaunch Program that will provide women on career breaks with full-time job opportunities. The program will promote diversity in the technology space and encourage women who put their careers on hold for various reasons to re-enter the workforce.

Candidates selected through this program will have access to mentors and other opportunities to upskill and learn on the job. BCT has also developed family-friendly HR policies and introduced flexible work schedules to help women balance their personal and professional commitments with ease.

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered major disruptions in the workforce dynamics. Women employees, in particular, are managing both personal and professional commitments, which are proving to be a challenge. As many as two million women globally are considering leaving the workforce, according to a McKinsey report. Programs like Career Relaunch acknowledge the need for flexibility and help women meet their life and career goals.

Commenting on the program, Remadevi Thottathil, CHRO, Bahwan CyberTek said: “At BCT, we are committed to creating a workplace that is diverse and inclusive. In an increasingly competitive world, diversity offers more benefits than just good optics. When we embrace diversity, we facilitate the exchange of different perspectives, ideas, and capabilities, and that, in turn, gives us a business edge. With the Career Relaunch program, we intend to give full-time employment opportunities to deserving women with the right skills. Helping these women rejoin the workforce will meet the twin objectives of unlocking tremendous economic potential and promoting gender diversity.”

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