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If we take an audit of BPO in Chennai, we stumble on many surprises. For

instance, automotive major Ford transferred some of its Asia-Pacific accounting

work to Chennai in the mid 1990s, when Ford's Indian subsidiary was launched

in the country. What started off with just ten people doing payables processing

operation from Chennai, this facility today has emerged into a Ford Business

Center with a 400-seat operation doing a range of back-end accounting work.


Another success story is SCOPE International, a subsidiary of Standard

Chartered Bank. Today, Scope employs more than 3,300 people, has a 500,000 sq ft

of built up space with a capacity of up to 5,000 plus seats. Moreover, Scope

services most countries, about 54 countries in the Standard Chartered Group. The

work is being done in 23 different processing units. The operations range from

banking, global HR, financial services, software development, maintenance, and

IT help-desk support. The scale and magnitude of operations makes Scope one of

the biggest BPO operations in the country.

World Bank was another benchmark for Chennai's prowess in the BPO space.

According to Lal Gardner, director, World Bank, "We looked at various

parameters including availability of relevant skills, robustness of IT,

infrastructure, real estate and the number and experience of similar entities

established in the city before deciding in on Chennai."

If Chennai comes through such elaborate preliminary studies done by entities

like World Bank, it sure is a place to reckon with in the BPO space. We present

some of the leading and upcoming BPO's operating out of Chennai.


Sutherland Global Services

Started its India operations from Chennai in 2002. According to Dilip

Vellodi, chairman and CEO, Sutherland, "One of the most important reason

for choosing Chennai as a destination was the fact that the communication

infrastructure was robust enough to handle our client needs without failure.

Exceptional and uninterrupted customer connectivity without compromise to the

communication and data infrastructure are critical to our operations".


provides global outsourcing services that include transaction processing, back

office business process management, process consulting, technical support,

customer care and account management services. It has 13 centers across the

globe and operate out of eight centers in North America and five in India-four

in Chennai and one in Mumbai. The company caters to financial services,

software, hardware, and telecommunications verticals.


SlashSupport is an advanced technology support company and started its
operations in 1999. According to Shiva Ramani, CEO, SlashSupport, "We

operate in the advanced technology support space, specializing in both,

enterprise and SOHO. Our service offerings include enterprise technology

application and product support, consumer technology application, and product

support and system management services.


Lason India

Lason India (formerly called Vetri Software) started its operations in Chennai
in 1992. The company has successfully adopted Six Sigma and TQM to increase its

productivity and quality of delivery. Lason Incorporation uses the Indian

operation as the base for data capture. The company, which is the biggest

delivery center in Chennai, provides transaction processing, electronic content

services, and co-sourcing.


10 BPO Firms in Chennai
Company No of


5,000 Data

management services

3,300 Financial


3,000 Telecom,

financial services and HR

1,600 Advance

tech support

1,200 Healthcare

1,000 Payroll,

HR and contact centers
Ajuba 700 Healthcare
Brigade 600 Financial

and tech support

Business Services
450 Financial

WorldBank 200 Back-end


numbers are DQ estimates

Says Pradeep Nevatia, MD, Lason India, "Lason is the only BPO

organization to offer the high-end adjudication services to many of

its Fortune 500 customers." Lason India is one of the largest

transactions processing BPO in India, with over two billion records processed

every month. Over 300,000 HealthCare claims processed every single day. Provides

directly and indirectly employment for over 5000 and operates out of its 140,000

sq ft facility in Chennai.


Sundaram Business Services (SBS)

SBS was formed in mid 2001 to process the high volume back office work for the
Sundaram Finance Group. This was a consolidation of almost 50 years of

transaction processing experience of the Group. Says PS Raghavan, executive

director, Sundaram Business Services,"Chennai has a large skill base in

finance and accounting and our service offerings include accounting, credit and

deposit processing, employee administration and insurance and banking related

processing services" The current headcount is over 450 people and plans are

on to take this to around 600 over the next one year. In India, SBI Life is one

of its leading customers. In the overseas market, Australia based superannuation

firm Total Super is its first customer.

Scope e-Knowledge Center

Scope was established in 1987 as a business

research organization. It forayed into the Knowledge Process

outsourcing (KPO) space in 2001. Says R. Sivadas, director and CEO, Scope

e-Knowledge Center, "Unlike in the BPO industry where the focus is on

executing standardized, routine processes, KPO requires carrying out processes

that demand advanced information searching, analytical, interpretation and

technical skills as well as some judgment and decision making. Naturally, the

human capital required also constitutes professionals such as doctors,

engineers, attorneys and accounting professionals"

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