Azure offers more choice

Apart from the basic conveniences that cloud computing offers like ample
storage, flexibility and security, what else is Microsoft going to offer its
customers through Azure?
Microsoft is providing a whole platform which not only includes the base
compute and storage services (Windows Azure, envisioned to have the base
capabilities of that of an operating system), but a whole lot of application
building blocks focused both on business and consumer scenarios, available as
out of the box service utilization. The entire Azure Services Platform is in
nascent stage and as it develops further, Microsoft will continue adding more
servicesboth based on market requirements and customer feedback.

Moorthy Uppaluri, general
manager, developer and platform evangelism, Microsoft India

What ticked Microsoft to enter the cloud computing market?
Ray Ozzie, chief software architect of Microsoft, in his now famous memo had
talked about Internet Services Disruption. In that memo, he explains how
technology has evolved over the past few decades and how the timing is now right
for a services phase.  This has mainly happened due to advances in
computing and communication.  The main tenet that he focused on was
service-enhanced experiences, not exactly what the industry was talking about
then which was an all-services approach.  This led to the vision of
Software + Services which makes the best use of both worldson-premise
software (in desktops or on servers) and cloud-based services.  The model
offers more choice to customers, makes best use of both environments and offers
on-demand scaling model.

What sort of competition does Microsoft expect in this space? Is it a good
time considering players like Amazon and Google are established already?
Microsoft has the unique advantage of a very broad range of services that
complement its current portfolio of enterprise and consumer products. 
Microsoft also has tremendous experience granted by its large portfolio of
online properties and services including, Windows Update and
Microsoft Update,, MSDN and TechNet networks, Windows Live Services and
even the more recent Office Live services that provided small and medium
business with core business applications. It is these strengths and a much
larger vision that Microsoft brings to the table.

Shikha Das

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