Axis Unveils Comprehensive Range of IR-enabled Cameras

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Infrared (IR) illumination provides a highly-effective enhancement for video surveillance in complete darkness. Axis Communications unveiled several new network cameras featuring its IR functionality, including pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) and fixed dome cameras, bullet, fisheye and panoramic cameras, and discreet sensors units. Together, these bring IR capability to almost any surveillance environment and answer an increased market demand.


IR’s ability to allow cameras to literally ‘see in the dark’ is an obvious additional benefit to video surveillance for a number of reasons, from allowing 24/7 surveillance without the need for additional lighting, to enabling ultra-discreet surveillance in sensitive locations. By launching several new cameras which feature built-in IR illumination, Axis is delivering the benefits of IR in the most cost-efficient, easily installed way to almost any indoor or external surveillance need. In addition, Axis OptimizedIR technology, featured in some of the new models, is the company’s own smart, power-efficient and patented IR LED technology. It optimally uses the light to enable an even illumination over the complete camera view.

Sudhindra Holla, Sales Director – India and SAARC at Axis Communications, commented: “We are seeing high demand for this technology from enterprises in India with the growing emphasis on safety and security. This product further showcases our commitment towards innovation, lowering power consumption with high quality LED technology. We look at aggressively creating more awareness of this product line with our ecosystem of partners across the country.”

Specific new cameras being launched include:



With OptimizedIR reaching 200 m (656 ft) or more, combined with a directionally discreet and compact dome design, makes this camera perfect for city surveillance applications. The built-in IR LEDs are seamlessly adaptable to the camera zoom, while Axis Sharpdome technology provides full scene fidelity and sharp images both above and below the horizon. In addition to these features, AXIS Q6125-LE delivers HDTV 1080p with fantastic image quality, 30x optical zoom, speed dry function and includes AXIS Guard Suite analytics.



With great overall performance and capabilities such as Axis OptimizedIR, Lightfinder, Forensic WDR and Zipstream technologies, these new single-sensor panoramic cameras are perfect for providing 180°/360° coverage indoors as well as outdoors. AXIS M3057-PLVE features a

6-megapixel sensor, while AXIS M3058-PLVE features a 12-megapixel sensor and stereographic lens. The design focus has been to provide flat, discreet and easy-to-install cameras, and they arrive from the factory ready-focused.

AXIS Companion Eye mini L and AXIS Companion Bullet mini LE


Designed for use with AXIS Companion Video Management System, Axis introduces two mini cameras that are up 70 % smaller in size than the existing cameras in the AXIS Companion product line. AXIS Companion Eye mini L is a fixed mini dome with a compact design for indoor use, and AXIS Companion Bullet mini LE is an outdoor-ready fixed, bullet-style camera. In addition to built-in IR for surveillance in dark conditions, both cameras are attractively priced and offer high-quality video in HDTV 1080p and 2 MP resolution, wide dynamic range technology to handle scenes with complex light conditions and require AXIS Companion Recorder for system completion.

AXIS P1447-LE & AXIS P1448-LE

As new additions to AXIS P14 Series of compact and cost-effective, outdoor-ready bullet cameras, AXIS P1447-LE and AXIS P1448-LE add several features to the series to support all-round, day and night surveillance with excellent image quality in any light condition. AXIS P1447-LE brings 5 MP resolution, while AXIS P1448-LE features 8.3 MP / 4K Ultra HD resolution. Both new cameras include support for audio, wider temperature specifications, IK10 and shock detection, in addition to OptimizedIR.



Axis is launching its first sensor unit with built-in IR illumination in the modular camera category, AXIS FA3105-L. With its small size and eyeball design, the sensor unit is ideally suited for installation together with other sensor units and AXIS FA54 Main Unit, to meet the varying surveillance needs in retail. Supporting ForensicWDR in addition to built-in IR illumination, this 1080p sensor unit delivers outstanding image quality, 24/7.


AXIS P3717-PLE sets a new bar for multidirectional cameras in terms of image quality, performance and features. This compact 8-megapixel camera with its four varifocal lenses enables high-quality 360° overview and details in multiple directions – making it ideal for surveillance of wide areas, outer corners of buildings, and intersections of hallways or roads. With 360° IR illumination, Forensic WDR, Lightfinder and Zipstream, this camera delivers excellent image quality in all light conditions. With just one IP address and one network cable needed, alongside remote zoom and focus, the four-camera-in-one unit provides a flexible and cost-effective solution.

The new camera models will be available through Axis distribution channels in Q2 2018.

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