Axis offers smart surveillance solutions for enterprises

Dataquest recently organized a webinar on smart surveillance solutions for the enterprise, featuring Axis Communications. The speakers were Jose Thomas, National Sales Manager, India and SAARC, Axis Communications, and

Subhendu Parth, Editor, Cybermedia, said there is a need to constantly monitor and safeguard physical assets. This is where smart surveillance systems play a big role. Such security solutions are able to optimize bandwidth and other resources.

Jose Thomas, National Sales Manager, India and SAARC, Axis Communications, presented on innovating smarter and safer world. Founded in Sweden in 1984, Axis has a local presence around the world through an extensive partner network. It had sales worth $1.3 billion in 2019. Since 2000s, Axis has been leading in the IP video convergence. It has been adding new dimensions since then, such as network video solutions, access control and audio systems.

Axis has over 220+ cameras. It is expanding the addressable market. Axis boasts of around 1,100 partners today. Axis has a long-term commitment to create a smarter, safer world.

Axis India SAARC has about 26 people. Headquartered in Bangalore, it has a five-city presence. There are over 2,500 channel partners and over 1,000 enterprise-class customers. Axis also has local tech support and RMA Center. Axis wants to be a trusted advisor and recognized solution of esteemed enterprise customers.

Strategic pillars
Axis has five strategic pillars. These are: long-term focus, quality, cyber security and data protection, sustainability, and partnership. There are five R&D centers that test products. We have been trying to keep the products with less carbon footprint. We are also looking at recycling products as they come in. We are providing solutions for any business. There are three markets — enterprise, with over 100 camera systems, medium, with 10~100 camera systems, and small, with less than 10 camera systems.

Axis solutions are complete, and easy-to-deploy that meet many customer needs. We are delivering the greatest impact for the customers. We are offering solutions for all industries, such as transportation, manufacturing, education, government, healthcare, critical infrastructure, safe cities, retail, etc.

Axis has validated end-to-end solutions. These are for entry management, monitoring, control of equipment, audio for security, analytics, and single point of support. Axis is offering network cameras, recorder solutions, security and business analytics, visitor management, access control, control of other equipment, audio for messages, alerts, and music. So far, we have not yet launched the cloud computing-based platform in India. We are in talks with a telecom provider in India to help us do the launch.

Axis difference
Axis is a great brand with passion. There is a marketplace with lots of copies. What you see outside, is what you get inside, with Axis. We are a trusted technology leader in network video / audio solutions. There is focus on cyber security, along with TCO. Quality is everything for us. There are open systems, ease of integration, and world-class support.

Regarding TCO, there is difficulty for people to make the right choice. There is the product price and the installation cost. The product price includes the system design, training and education, documentation cost, and deviation cost. The installation cost has the operating cost, maintenance cost, system failure cost, system redesign cost, and downtime cost built in.

An example of TCO comparison was made. Axis has an innovative technology called Zipstream. Axis Zipstream technology preserves all the important forensic detail you need, while lowering bandwidth.

Cyber security has three layers of protection. These are security management, vulnerability management, and learning and collaboration. Quality is embedded in everything that Axis does. There is meticulous attention to detail, such as design, testing, components, and production. We focus on quality, in terms of image usability, specific purpose and specific requirements. We have a cyber security focus, and have strong partner collaboration, with good technical support.

Some of Axis’s customers in India include Mahindra, Fortis Hospitals, PowerSoaps, Reliance Industries Ltd, JSW Cement, Tata, CEAT, Gharda Chemicals Ltd, etc. KIA, Hyundai, and Cummins are among the regional customers.

Innovating for smarter, safer world
Githish Mathew, Senior Sales Engineer, Axis India SAARC, spoke about innovating for a smarter, safer world. Axis’s core offering is the benefits that we provide to customers by offering products that are a major part of the customer’s integrated solution.

There were lot of analog cameras already installed in the market. We developed video encoders for this. We started developing more types of cameras and encoders. We also developed the access control systems. We also have audio products that are IP based. Network is the future. There are network-based products. Analog has lot of limitations.

We developed recording solutions, as well as accessories. These accessories are going to cover or protect our products. We have video management solutions (VMS) for multiple sites. Customers are also looking how they can evaluate the cameras in multiple scenarios. Which are the areas that customers are focusing more in the retail stores, for instance. Or, which are the days where there are more customers. The video and audio surveillance systems can also be used for business analytics.

We also have perimeter defender that can notify, as the need arises. That way, lot of intrusions can be detected and prevented. We also have industrial-based analytics. We have customer support 24×7 for five days in a week. Warranty for all products is there for five years, but support for the products is for long.

Axis extended offering is the added value we provide to meet the needs of the individual customer. We are tailoring the offering with relevant services and support. We are working on starting the cloud-based solution in India. ACAP is a feature that helps you install third-party apps on either the camera or speaker. We have built a complete portfolio with our products and solutions.

Axis has entry-level cameras to network cameras. There is fixed bullet, fixed box, fixed dome, PTZ, positioning, panoramic, onboard, thermal, cameras, etc. We also have modular camera that can be placed practically anywhere. It is useful for industrial monitoring, etc. There are specialty cameras for unique needs and scenarios. These models are designed to be ligature-resistant (or anti-ligature) to help prevent self-harm.

There are stainless steel cameras as well. Eg., the Axis Q3517-SLVE is for extreme outdoor environments. It is resistant to the corrosive effect of sea water, detergents, and other chemicals. We have also developed the Axis P37 series network camera that has four lenses. You can monitor the entire area with lesser investment. We have the latest Q61 series PTZ camera series. It can cover 20 degrees more.

There is the speed dry function. The dome vibrates at high-speed breaking the surface tension of the water. It removes the drips, providing sharp images in rainy weather. It enables efficient dome cleaning methods, such as high-pressure cleaning.

Thermal cameras are meant for reliable detection and verification. There are images based on the heat from objects, vehicles, and people. There are explosion-proof cameras that prevent sparks or explosions from escaping and igniting vapours, gases, dust or fibers in the surrounding atmosphere. We have also launched the radar system in the camera for early detection of intruders. You can detect and follow the moving objects. Advantages include wide area coverage, minimizes false alarms, works in various weather conditions, and is GDPR compliance.

We are also keen on cyber security. Encrypted data gets transmitted from one location to the other. A company that develops and manufactures own products retains full control. At Axis, everything is done inhouse.

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