AXILSPOT rolls out Enterprise Wireless Networking Gears in India

New Update

AXILSPOT has flagged off its operations in the country’s enterprise wireless segment by launching Rscan range of products in the national capital, New Delhi.


Expressing his delight on AXILSPOT’s foray in India, Bruce Zhou, CEO, AXILSPOT said, “India being one of the major economies of the globe is of utmost importance to us. We at AXILSPOT will strive to amplify the growth of digitization in the country with our cutting edge, disruptive wireless networking solutions for end to end networking requirements of enterprises.”

“We have already set up our India office in New Delhi and call out to channel partners in the country to associate with our channel oriented growth objectives”, added Zhou.

Detailing further about the company’s India strategy, Pinaki Chatterjee, Regional Director, India & SAARC, said, “We’ll be building team AXILSPOT wherein we will focus on partner driven mechanism and ensuring maximum profitability for partners. We will also zero in on feature development catering to any enterprise requirement.”


Rscan is a patented technology which provides ultra high-speed, stable and large capacity Wi-Fi access. The multi-beam smart-selection antenna array system (Rscan) is AXILSPOT original patented technology registered all over the globe. Rscan represents years of research by the top-notch RF team of leading scientists in microwave and Wi-Fi industry, which initiatively applies the LTE base station antenna technologies into Wi-Fi transmission.

The Rscan technology addresses key issues in a WLAN network which includes: data rate, signal blind spot, interference and high density access pressure. Compared to the traditional smart Wi-Fi antennas, the multi-beam smart selection array system possesses unique capability of optimal Tx path selection and stronger interference mitigation, as well as higher concurrent station load capacity. The AXILSPOT Rscan can be the real best solution for high-density, high-bandwidth access under complex wireless environments.

August Chen, Director, Global Sales, AXILSPOT added, “AXILSPOT is an enterprise Wi-Fi company. We are channel friendly and our brand building will be primarily relying on our esteemed partners. We believe that the success of our partners is the success of ourselves. We will be relying on partners for achieving the goals. Our goal is to set up AXILSPOT in 30 countries across 5 continents”.


Features of AXILSPOT Rscan Technology:

· Multi-beam auto-selection smart antenna communication system.

· Trapezoid bandwidth singular frequency array technology.


· Directional narrow beam smart selection antenna system based on MIMO.

· 500+ concurrent users can easily access the network.

· 40+ patents obtained or under application including those in China mainland, USA and EU.


· Self-adaptive Interference Mitigation, upto 87% off Interference Elimination.

· Provides high level and more flexible security authorizations.

·Provides simplified Wi-Fi maintenance via AXILSPOT Mobula Controller System.

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