AWS cuts storage prices and adds cold storage retrieval options

Amazon Web Services (AWS) have cut its storage services and also launched a few new features for developers who want to use its Glacier cold storage service. The new prices are those for S3, AWS’ main cloud storage service. The S3 will now use three: 0-50 TB; 50 TB-500 TB; and 500+ TB. AWS has cut these prices across all reasons by about 20 percent.

For Glacier cold storage, AWS’ the price drops are even more pronounced. In three AWS regions (Northern Virginia, Oregon and Ireland), users can now park their data for $0.004 GB/month which means a 43 percent drop.

For Glacier users, AWS has added two new retrieval options.  These features allow users to pay a bit extra to get their data faster — or to save a bit more by getting it even later.

The new features and drop in storage prices is going to help the company reach more customers. Plus, the company is hoping to attract new users for its public cloud platform. Recently the company has gone into strange tie-ups with private cloud players such as VMware in the hope to entice large enterprises for its offering.

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