AVTAR Group Names Mphasis as One of the Top companies for Women to Work

Mphasis, the IT solutions provider specializing in cloud and cognitive services, announced it has been selected by AVTAR Group and Working Mother Media as one of the 100 Best Companies for Women in India in 2017. Mphasis was recognized for its innovative and impactful women oriented programs as a part of its Diversity & Inclusion initiatives.

Over 350 nominations from organizations were rigorously screened to identify Mphasis as one of the best companies in India for women to work. Apart from key demographics related to a company’s workforce, the study also analyzed, the practices and policies an organization has in place to attract, engage, retain and develop women through several initiatives.

The aim of this initiative was to identify and acknowledge the best practices from the employers that enables women to advance in their career. The team evaluated applications from companies across every major industry, geographical location and line of business. A robust data-protected analytics tool was then used to pick the Best Companies for Women in India from the applicant companies. The list, along with the Top 10 Best Companies, was announced at the 100 Best Companies for Women in India Awards Ceremony and Celebration as part of the ‘Best Practices of the 100 Best’ Conference held in Chennai.

“In our journey of Responsible Growth, this recognition comes as a key milestone for Mphasis as we continue to live by the true spirit of diversity and gender parity. We are excited and honored to be named one of the best companies for women to work. I would like to thank each Mphasian for their efforts in building an inclusive and responsible company,” said Srikanth Karra, Chief Human Resources Officer, Mphasis.

Commenting on the initiative, Dr. Saundarya Rajesh, Founder – President, AVTAR Group, said “Corporate India’s focus on recruiting and expanding their women employee base is laudable. We congratulate Mphasis on their stellar work in advancing women. Going by the data amongst the companies that participated in the study (a 5% increase in women’s representation in one year), the Best Companies for Women in India may get to their goal of gender balance in another 5-6 years’ time! Whilst it is encouraging to note that many companies have introduced new policies to retain valuable women talent, this trend still remains nascent in traditional services industry and there is a need for industries such as manufacturing and infrastructure to leverage the opportunity of an increase in employable women talent. In the years to come, BCWI will further strengthen the ecosystem for women professionals in India Inc., raising the bar each year and catalyzing its journey to gender balance.”

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