Avaya launches cloud-based videoconferencing unit IX Collaboration

Avaya has recently launched the cloud based videoconferencing unit Avaya IX Collaboration. It will provide unlimited use of virtual meetings.

Aanchal Ghatak
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Avaya IX

Avaya has launched the CU360, a compact Android-based collaboration unit and Avaya Equinox Meetings Online (AEMO), a high-quality cloud conferencing service. It has Android 7.1.2 Nougat and Aura, IPO, and Avaya Breeze Client SDK support.


Avaya explained the workplace scenario, and how their product can really help employees and employers. Describing the current framework, the spokesperson said that work is changing, and there are various differences between the earlier and current scenarios.  Earlier, it used to be large teams at one location. Today, small teams are distributed globally. Earlier, it used to siloed workforce, but now they are connected to encourage collaboration.

Employees state that the following challenges keep them from using audio and video conferencing:

  • 33% said poor video or sound quality.
  • 33% were not sure that remote participant can access it.
  • 33% find it difficult to either setup or enter.
  • 30% said it is not easy to share documents, slides, etc.
  • 24% found it difficult to use.
  • 24% said it was not reliable.

To ensure the quality and reliability, radical video simplification is required. A video conferencing service should deliver the solutions, like a two minute set-up, and five-minutes for the first video call. It should be purpose-built, and an all-in-one equipment. Integration with the existing infrastructure is also key. It should be open to allow the use of cloud app of choice. The solution must be enterprise class for any size of business.

According to the Frost & Sullivan “Growth opportunities in the global conferencing service market, the forecast to 2023 software-based visual collaboration continues to drive growth”, March 2018 report, the top predictions for the conferencing services market:

  1. Audio conferencing revenue will considerably decrease due to increased commoditization. There will be growing opportunities in cloud web and video conferencing services due to user demand for more engaging collaboration experiences.
  2. Cloud, mobility, rich analytics, and WebRTC will continue to accelerate the usage of conferencing.
  3. AI will significantly drive the adoption of audio and video conferencing services by enabling users to automate manual and repetitive tasks.
  4. Video-enabling huddle rooms will be a priority for enterprises looking to enhance productivity. Demand for software-centric collaboration clients that are intuitive, feature-rich, cost-effective, and persistent will grow.
  5. As the shift towards software communications and collaboration continues, demand and usage for pure-play conferencing solution will decline. Siloed meeting technologies will converge into single-source collaboration solutions. 

Avaya as digital transformation partner

Avaya’s global experience, portfolio breadth, open ecosystem, and innovation and investment make it one of the best for the partners. It has the largest installed base with 11% of revenue from cloud, 141 million unified communication lines, 5.5 million contact center users, and 121k customers in 175 countries. Avaya has 90% of Fortune 100 and 95% of Fortune 1000 market leaders. Also, Avaya is a $3.2 billion market share leader in CC and UC.

The Avaya IX Collaboration unit provides true all-in-one solution. It works with the cloud application of your choice. You can use the Android apps natively with maximum connectivity and superior performance.  It offers: wireless sharing, wide field of view, saves bandwidth, H.323 support, application sharing, meeting recording, smart phone/tablet control, camera, microphones and codec.


Vishal Agrawal, MD, India and SAARC,said: “Avaya has always strived to transform experiences and set new benchmarks for efficiency and competency. The Avaya IX Collaboration Unit CU360, a powerful video collaboration offering, further strengthens Avaya’s solutions suite to deliver intelligent huddle room set-ups and cloud-based workspace experiences. As meeting spaces become highly agile and flexible, they necessitate immersive and engaging audio, video and display system technology. With innovative features and seamless plug-and-play functionality, the CU360 is ideal for use by individual workgroups, small to midsize businesses and large enterprises for collaboration. The integration of Avaya Equinox Meetings Online in the unit makes it an even more attractive proposition by providing teams with user-friendly and productive collaboration capabilities.”

IX workplace portfolio

The public hybrid premises include calling, messaging, and meetings.  It has simple, empowering experience to communicate and collaborate with any touch point. The adaptable solution of the IX workplace is best-of-breed flexibility and tailored/optimized to company specific process. It is rapidly extendible, keeping up with the “speed of business”.


Huddle room opportunity

Huddle rooms are not just smaller-versions of larger, old-school meeting room; it is a place you would want to sit all day. The huddle room is a small-enabled room for up to 4-5 people, requiring high usability and easy setup.

Frost and Sullivan mentioned the huddle room growth. It stated that 32.4mn huddle rooms are less than 2% video conferencing enabled. Huddle rooms meetings will surge from 12% to 70% of all video conference room meetings by 2023. The video setup should be simple to start and use in terms of the install ability and usability. It should work reliably and consistently with huddle specific field of view.


Staggering pace of change

Around 70% of the interactions are through mobile devices. By 2020, e-commerce will drive $3 trillion in transaction, up from $500 billion last year. The 4% of companies using chatbots today are likely to be 80% in the next 2 years.

The Avaya IX Collaboration unit comes with only two cables, along with Wi-Fi connectivity, an integrated microphone array and Bluetooth peripheral connectivity, thus being extremely easy to install.