Avaya delivers Customer Engagement Workforce Optimization Solution

Providing enterprise capabilities at mid market prices, Avaya Workforce Optimization Select gathers, measures and analyzes customer interaction data to improve contact center performance.

As customer experience increasingly becomes the new battleground, midsize companies are seeking opportunities to adopt technology that will give them an advantage over their larger enterprise rivals. Avaya announced a new Customer Engagement solution that provides midsize companies with the operational intelligence needed to enhance contact center performance and drive a high-quality customer experience. Highly affordable, simple to deploy, and intuitive to use, Avaya Workforce Optimization Select enables a wide range of insights into the customer experience, allowing midsize businesses to create the most value through every customer interaction.

Survey after survey indicates that customers spend more with and are more loyal to companies that make it easy to do business. Staying on top of the customer experience requires technology that gathers, measures and analyzes all touch points of the customer journey; however, the robust workforce optimization solutions capable of doing so are typically offered only to larger enterprises.

Avaya Workforce Optimization Select enables midsize companies to:

• Achieve contact center objectives with a simple and powerful workforce optimization platform that delivers enterprise capabilities at a price made for midsize company budgets.

• Generate relevant and timely insights into the customer experience – Capture and analyze voice and non-voice customer interactions with a scalable, flexible, and secure recording platform to see where service is excellent and where changes are needed.

• Define and deliver a consistent customer experience that meets company goals and customer expectations — Leverage interaction data to determine enhancements to service processes, policies, and agent practices.

• Improve agent performance, agent loyalty, and customer satisfaction with targeted coaching plans and e Learning courses that help improve agent knowledge, efficiency, and productivity.

Avaya Workforce Optimization Select seamlessly integrates with Avaya IP Office Contact Center, Avaya Contact Center Select and Aura Contact Center. The solution represents the first Avaya-branded offering from the KnoahSoft acquisition in 2015.

“Avaya Workforce Optimization Select enables us to record 100 percent of our outgoing and incoming calls and then, when needed, quickly find these customer interactions to properly address customer disputes and validate customer payment promises. If you’re a medium-sized business and you want a workforce optimization solution that delivers enterprise-like workforce optimization capabilities at a price point that will not break your budget, then you should choose Avaya
Workforce Optimization Select.”said Jeff Kerslake, President at Common Collection Agency.


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