Automation in supply-chain, warehouse operations will be key to make industries more agile

What can we expect from the Indian IT industry in 2023? How the industry has been in 2022, and what can we expect for 2023? This is the general question for everyone.

Rajnish Gupta, India and Sub-Continent Lead, Zebra Technologies, said: “In the past year Indian enterprises have continued to strategically invest in digitalization of supply chain. Their focus has been to address first/last mile visibility and accuracy, optimizing shipping costs via better delivery route planning and fleet management, and improving customer satisfaction for better fill rates and a more efficient returns management process.

“As customers return to a more physical retail environment, true omni-channel will be a priority making workflow automation a focus for enterprises in 2023. Workflow automation solutions are critical in augmenting the workforce that includes identifying and assigning tasks, tracking status, and even prompt action when deadlines are approaching. With the right automation technology like barcode and RFID, enterprises will be further enabled with greater visibility over their inventory.

“Government initiatives like the ‘Make in India’ program has already set the course to make India a global manufacturing hub and boost the Indian economy. To accomplish this vision, automation in supply-chain, warehouse operations will be key to counter disruptions and make industries more agile and future ready.”

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