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The ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander’ CIO- Meet the Ironman

Yes, he raced about 70 miles- first water, then on cycle, then on his own feet – in quick and ...


DLI scheme to provide much needed impetus to IP creation in semiconductor business

The Indian government launched the Make-in-India initiative with a vision to transform the country into a major global manufacturing hub. ...


Nextiva consolidates conversations from various channels into unified interface: Tomas Gorny

Nextiva is a leading 'connected conversations' platform, helping teams get on the same page to deliver amazing experiences for their ...

Prathiba Anandraj

Prathiba Anandraj highlights Blueprint Technologies’ distinctive approach to impactful customer experience transformations    

Impactful customer experience transformations are the cornerstone of modern business success. Recognizing that customer expectations are evolving rapidly in the ...

Pure Storage

India has the opportunity to leapfrog: Rob Lee, CTO, Pure Storage

According to Rob Lee, Chief Technology Officer, Pure Storage, India, growing off a relatively smaller base, has an opportunity to ...

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