ASUSTOR Announces Availability of ADM 3.3 Beta

Snapshots arrive on ASUSTOR NAS with the introduction of Snapshot Center which also adds support for Btrfs and To convert to Btrfs, be sure to

New Update

ASUSTOR Inc. has opened the floodgates for ADM 3.3 Beta today! After upgrading to ADM 3.3 Beta, Snapshot Center will automatically appear to the ADM desktop. The snapshot hub combines existing iSCSI LUN snapshots and can be restored using Btrfs snapshots, making it easier to manage snapshots, saving valuable time.


ASUSTOR snapshots can help you create a copy of the data almost immediately. Through advanced scheduling, detailed snapshots can be made to improve data restoration. At the same time, data integrity is better protected as well as helping to prevent important data from being lost or damaged. Data can also be quickly restored as well as the snapshot file in the file summary to view the details, and easily copy needed data to other shared folders.

The ASUSTOR Btrfs snapshot feature will be available on the 31, 32, 40, 50, 51, 61, 62, 63, 64, 70 series. To enable this feature, select Support Snapshot Backup when initializing a NAS or select Btrfs within advanced setup. To convert to Btrfs, be sure to back up data first and then create a new Btrfs volume.

Snapshot Center in ADM 3.3 Beta


Btrfs Snapshots:

  • Quickly create storage snapshots without affecting performance.
  • Snapshot tasks can be either manually created or scheduled to happen in specific intervals. Snapshots can also be created in as little as every five minutes.
  • Files inside snapshots can be locked to prevent deletion when snapshots are deleted. Locked files can be manually deleted.
  • Supports up to two hundred and fifty six snapshots.
  • Supports mounting previous snapshots in File Explorer to view older versions and improve user flexibility

iSCSI LUN Snapshots and Restoration

ASUSTOR's iSCSI LUN almost-instant snapshot creation feature saves a lot of work time and storage space. After upgrading to ADM 3.3 beta, this feature will be merged into Snapshot Center, allowing users to manage, browse, and restore snapshot tasks in the same interface.