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*astTECS Launches IP PBX for Small and Medium Businesses

*astTECS, the provider of enterprise telecom technology products and Asterisk based Open Source communication solution, announced the launch of *astLite – an IP PBX solution for small and medium businesses. Designed to meet the needs of small businesses, *astLite is an integrated solution, ideal for offices with 20 – 80 extensions and provides smaller organizations with benefits and functionality of modern IP PBX and delivers complete communication and collaboration capabilities.

*astLite enables SMBs to increase efficiency and productivity by simplifying the management of enterprise communication system. Its advanced IP telephony features and applications dramatically improve enterprise communication, streamlining key tasks by prioritizing and routing communications efficiently, while reducing telephony costs.

*astLite offers both classical PBX functionality & advanced features and interoperates with traditional standards-based telephony systems and Voice over IP systems. The compact solution manifests; open standards with no license fee, seamless scalability & easy-to-use management features, full unified communication solution with advanced mobility, built in recording, centralized administration, enhanced security and 24X7 support.

“The small and medium businesses have unique communication requirements to elevate their capabilities for competitive gain, while keeping costs under control,” said Dr. Devasia Kurian, CEO, *astTECS. *astLite enables small businesses take advantage of its high-impact features and deliver an enriched end-user experience, he added.

The advanced capabilities of *astLite include: Smart phone with Wi-Fi client, audio conference bridging, interactive voice response (IVR), voice logger, distributed office setup, voice-mail to email, fax to email and all standard call features of IP PBX.

With strong focus on customer needs, *astTECS Made-In-India products & solutions serves users across the globe and the company continues to leverage its strong capabilities in product innovation, helping enterprises and SMEs capitalize on latest in technology and adapt to customer’s communications requirements and evolving market opportunities.

*astTECS offers the most comprehensive, integrated and compelling Telecom Infrastructure Solution based on Asterisk platform that are feature rich, helps improve consistency & performance and creates a scalable, stable and resilient network that optimizes value.

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