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How Artificial Intelligence and Robotic industry is going to upsurge post-Covid-19

‘Necessity is the mother of invention’, a saying that has been told for generations. However, in the current scenario, it’s befitting to say it propels innovation too. The current pandemic that the world is facing could be the necessity to make or break industries and economies. Artificial intelligence and the robotics industry could be the innovation that could pave the way to a new world.

Many experts have said that the COVID-19 crisis marks the beginning of the 4th industrial revolution otherwise called the AI era. With the world opening up and the lockdowns lifting, there is a new fear instilled in the people to step out of their homes, making AI the need of the hour. Robotics and artificial intelligence are most definitely going to be important concepts in the new post-pandemic world.

Technology has become an active part of our lives. The pandemic only fastened the pace of its growth and reach. The advancement of technology has increased rapidly. Now AI has an influence on every industry and individual. Going forward organisations across industries will need to acquire skills and competency to begin their AI journey as that is the only way forward.  Soon it will be accessible to everyone and we will be set to see a world that is run by robots, to make lives of people convenient and safer.

AI has played a hand in bringing people together, world over. A world that was getting barely connected through social media is now closer through video conferencing even in a professional environment. Everything is online meaning everything has a partial if not, a complete influence of AI. However, a concern that could arise with this technology boom could be the lack of personal interaction, which is the world we all see now. While being a valid concern, automation is said to help and enhance the capabilities of the common man. The best option would be to transfer the world into a “human-powered AI core” and most importantly create awareness and prepare people to absorb the impact of the inevitable change into our future.

Robotics and automation is the future

In a world that is constantly changing and improving, robotics is immensely valuable in adapting to new trends. Robots can increase efficiency in production. Since they run on a database that tells it a specified function which it performs within the stipulated time with little or no error. This characteristic serves well especially in highly technical fields that require extreme precision, like medical science and other scientific sectors.

From automated sanitizer dispensers to complex exoskeleton devices for the people, not only is the world moving towards complete automation but also creating a world of possibilities even for the less fortunate. The robotic technology has made its way into the military as well as many large manufacturing industries. AI is being actively used to monitor and improve patient’s healthcare, anticipate measures taken by a person against Covid-19 and to increase productivity of manufacturing such as vaccines. Now with lockdown and social distancing labor-intensive sectors are relying on automotive technology to continue their work.

Forthcoming Electronic hub push may help the artificial intelligence industry

Recently Ravi Shankar Prasad, minister of Union Law and IT announced plans to make India a huge center of global manufacturing hubs which will certainly help and design scaling the capabilities of the Indian electronics manufacturing Industry.

India needs to work hard to build resilience and work towards making automation a serious business moving forward to cut down on the vulnerabilities of the pandemic. AI-powered companies are benefiting as the world goes online and maybe the only solution to kick start the economy. However, according to the IFR (International Federation of Robotics), the average ratio of robots to employees in India is 25 percent lesser compared to that of global statistics. With so much uncertainty looming around us, now is the perfect time to surge into AI and take bold, competitive transformative actions to significantly manage the crisis.

By John I Kujur, Founder and CEO, GenElek Technologies

3 responses to “How Artificial Intelligence and Robotic industry is going to upsurge post-Covid-19”

  1. Arun says:

    Artificial intelligence is here to stay and there are many benefits for the world post COVID. It is a great way to automate industries with minimal human intervention. I am doing my post-graduation in computer science. The article has made me think more about its influence in the coming years.

  2. Elena says:

    COVID-19 will be with us for a long time. The current situation has accelerated our use of digital technology and can transform our education system for the better. There is also no looking back from here. It is essential that the government should invest more in education, health and research sectors. Special funds need to be allocated for digitization and to raise digital learning platforms. The private sector also needs to participate, and should enhance research capability in order to develop proposed solutions. Finally, it is essential that the government offer financial support to all students in order to lessen the digital divide.

  3. Ankita says:

    Thanks for sharing the article. Very informative and straight to the point

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