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Artificial intelligence meets HR: Igniting employee engagement and experience

Adoption of artificial intelligence tools in human resources functions is driving engagement, productivity and a positive employee experience

Employee engagement – an emotional investment from an employee: The concept of employee engagement is crucial for businesses to analyze and understand their employee sentiments about the company. It has always been and will continue to be a key performance parameter for any business success. Employees who are engaged consistently show up to work with a greater commitment to delivering a high volume and quality of work. Understandably, these employees also help their organizations improve customer relationships and obtain impressive organic growth. Thus, organizations should treat employees as a valuable asset and consider their participation as an emotional investment in the company.

HR is among the most important of all company resources and plays a vital role in driving positiveness in the workforce, through employee relations and assistance. Being responsible for recruiting, vetting, selecting, hiring, onboarding, training, promoting, paying, and firing employees, they are responsible for the composition of the team that makes the company. Along with other areas of business, Digital Transformation is becoming integrated into HR functions too. Technologies such as instant messaging, video conferencing, and Human Capital Management software are drastically changing the workplace. The adoption of digital technology by HR leadership is just as important as ever to achieve better employee experience.

Re-humanizing and re-thinking HR operations with artificial intelligence

Today, organizations leverage culture, workplace design, and technology to deliver better experiences for their employees. HR leaders are looking for technology tools and platforms to make their processes seamless, including AI. We can see a surge in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology adoption in many aspects of our life. AI is making a significant impact in every area of enterprise, Human Resources and recruiting included. The incorporation of AI frees up the time of HR and allows them to focus on what they do best: helping employees with each aspect of their employment.

Employee retention is a top-of-mind concern for business leaders across the world. Delivering better employee experience is one of the most important factors for retaining talent. Employees expect their senior management and reporting management to recognize the efforts they put into the company. They want the company to listen and understand the challenges faced and assist them mentally. With evolving workforce expectations, companies need to rethink their approach to crafting the employee experience. Use of AI-based tools provides an employee experience that is enriching, enabling and empowering.

Artificial intelligence-based platforms for the ultimate employee experience

In this competitive talent ecosystem, a quick exit for a top-performing employee is HR’s worst nightmare. The need is not just to ensure faster hiring, but also to improve the entire cycle of the employee experience, right from the moment of the job application. The first thing HR managers need to let go of is the idea that one size fits all. Currently, there can be three to four different generations in a single workplace which requires a personalized approach based on their individual requirements. AI is an answer that HR can use to provide a personalized employee experience today.

Below are few cases in which AI helps to increase employee engagement with a superior employee experience:

First impression is the best impression

Every employee begins their journey as an interviewee and the experience provided during the initial interview process stays with them forever. Utilizing AI in the recruiting process in concert with an integrated Application Tracking System (ATS) will save lots of time and effort both to the company and the employee. AI-based sourcing, screening, skill-matching, and outreach can uplift the impression of a company in the recruitment process.

Training and up-skilling done right

The number of Millennials is growing rapidly among enterprise businesses, and they are not engaged with traditional learning mechanisms. Moreover, employees are no longer willing to suffer older, rote ways of learning, instead preferring interactive training that teaches critical job skills. With AI, organizations can break away from traditional eLearning systems and outdated organizational training. Thus, AI-based learning platforms help training sessions to be enjoyable and relevant, which adds to the employee experience.

Artificial intelligence for right employee engagement

AI tools allow actively listening and understanding the mindset of employees. They enable the company to know what exactly an employee wants from the organization and to provide the right information, such as recommendations for career paths and coaching. With AI algorithms, businesses can now develop HR strategies that adjust to the individual needs of employees instead of being limited by the planning resources of the HR team.

Employee brand sentiment

Today’s workforce not only wants a better workplace, but also looks for a better brand story which adds credibility to their future career. Working with a well-known brand in the market is a great push to employee experience. With AI tools, the company will have been providing a better first impression to candidates, a personalized upskilling and training experience, and a superior employee engagement process. These factors improve opinions of the company which leads to an improved company brand.

In today’s competitive economy, addressing the talent crisis with well-designed strategies decides the future of your company. Success completely depends on attracting and retaining exceptional employees by improving their job satisfaction levels. The digital age comes with endless possibilities, and embracing AI to the fullest is now a mandate for HR leaders who want their companies to stand apart in their markets.

By Ashutosh Garg, CEO and co-founder,


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    Hey, amazing I got to know so much through your article really happy to know some different ways that we can try to train our employees. I really thank you for sharing this article as for any organization the primary thing is to train its employees to make them corporate ready.

  2. Bhuvi Kumar

    With Ai coming to recruit for Organizations there is a lot of caos of its working and all but the article has nicely explained its importance and significance about the blend which can help increase overall work productivity. Thanks for sharing the article I enjoyed reading it.

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