Artificial Intelligence to Make Petrol Pumps Safer by Picking Out Dangerous Behavior

Shell has selected C3 IoT and Microsoft Azure to power a new company wide Artificial Intelligence platform. The technology

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Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and continual deep learning (DL) are the new age digital skills that are being expected to transform the consumer and enterprise experience. Due to the vast amount of data that is now available in the Internet domain, machine learning and deep leaning have the capability to predict and prevent various catastrophically dangerous events. Now, Shell wants to leverage artificial intelligence to make petrol pumps a safer place.


Shell has selected C3 IoT and Microsoft Azure to power a new companywide AI platform. A device inside petrol pumps running the Microsoft Azure IoT Edge can use artificial intelligence tools to pick out dangerous behavior like people lighting cigarettes while waiting at the pump, people driving recklessly, theft, and improper fueling.

Questionable frames could then be immediately uploaded to the Microsoft Azure cloud, which can power more sophisticated deep learning AI models. These can identify that the man is smoking and raise an instantaneous alert on an onsite dashboard, so the station manager can take action to shut down the pump before any harm is done, says a blog post on Microsoft.

This methodology is being called the “intelligent edge,” wherein data is quickly processed close to where it’s collected, without accessing the cloud, and simple machine learning algorithms can dispense with anything that does not have any significance. This pilot project is now in action at two gas stations in Thailand and Singapore. Shell plans to integrate AI, cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT) technology across all dimensions of its energy business. Shell has selected C3 IoT and Microsoft Azure to power a new companywide AI platform so as to accelerate its digital transformation on a global scale.


Shell also plans to deploy its AI Platform on a broad set of applications, from predicting when hundreds of thousands of pieces of equipment in offshore production hubs, refineries or wells need maintenance before problems arise to making sure parts and inventory can reach remote locations quickly. To know more about the Shell AI platform

“The new possibilities in working with data over the last few years are unlocking amazing opportunities in all aspects of what we do in the company,” said Yuri Sebregts, Shell’s executive vice president for technology and chief technology officer. “Most immediately, this will help us scale solutions we’ve been developing,” she adds.

The C3 IoT and Microsoft partnership will allow companies to partake and visualize real-time data from across their business operations, and users could then pick from a broad array of intelligent capabilities and solutions. To know more about the Shell AI Platform, click this link.