APUS launcher adds a unique feature – APUS Discovery

APUS Group, the world’s fastest growing mobile internet service unveiled a one of a kind feature – a scanner tells you what other apps are in use nearby. The latest version of Discovery enables user to search useful apps in the immediate area through Pavo Engine technology that combines location-based services and user preference information into an innovate app search.

APUS Discovery is the world’s first location-based app that tracks the most used apps in the nearest location and updates the user. Along with localized apps, APUS Discovery can also track most popular games, videos, social apps in the vicinity. APUS Discovery also provides app recommendations based on users preferences, saving the user’s time in finding the apps that suit their taste. For example, if you are a frequent user of gaming apps, APUS Discovery will alert you more frequently to gaming apps that are being used in your area.

APUS Discovery allows regular data and LBS (location-based service) updates in real time. APUS Discovery tracks almost 3,000 new apps every day that include a high volume of diversified apps that have practical use for users’ local areas.



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