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Apple targets Indian enterprise segment; signs up over 130 corporate resellers

Known for its iconic brands, Apple is now looking to beyond the consumer, and is aiming at tapping the Indian enterprise segment. The total addressable enterprise mobility solutions industry in Asia Pacific, which includes applications, devices, security, middleware, and professional services, is slated to grow from US$1.7B in 2015 to US$2.3B in 2017 over the same period.

To achieve rapid growth in the Indian enterprise segment, Apple has already appointed close to 130 corporate resellers across the country, and plans to hike this number up to 200 by March 2016. As part of the strategy, Apple plans to target Tier II and Tier III cities, with a specific focus on the education sector.

Apple has already announced a buyback offer for its iPhones this year, and in an effort to spur sales, has announced a discount of Rs 34,000 on the new iPhone 6s in exchange for its iPhone 6.

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