Apple India Retail Store Unveiled in India: Is India Market Favourable for Apple Retail Stores?

Apple India retail store is expected to do well as Apple is already buoying on the success of its Apple Online stores in India

New Update
Apple BKC

Apple India retail store has finally been unveiled in Mumbai. The barricade of the company’s first retail store in India has been revealed at the Jio World Drive Mall, Mumbai. This new development officially marks the upcoming opening of Apple BKC (Bandra Kurla Complex). Apple had stated that they would be opening their first store in Mumbai. “Hello Mumbai. We are getting ready to welcome you aboard our first store in India. And raring to see where your creativity takes you at Apple BKC,” said the official website of Apple. 


The Apple BKC store is inspired by the iconic Kaali Peeli taxi art, which is unique to Mumbai. Reports suggest that the next Apple India retail store will be opened in Delhi. Those interested may also download wallpapers and music from the official website.

Will Apple India Retail Store Do Well?

According to data revealed by Cyber Media Research (CMR)’s India Mobile Handset Market Review Report for Q3, Apple captured 4% market share with 17% YoY increase in its shipments. Apple shipped ~$6Bn value of Smartphones in 2022. 79% of iPhones shipped were in the super-premium (INR 50,000-INR 1,00,000) smartphone segment. Prabhu Ram, Head – Industry Intelligence Group at CMR, said: “The Apple-owned flagship stores are a key pillar in Apple India’s playbook to win in a strategic growth market. A stream of favourable tailwinds back the launch of the Apple-owned flagship retail stores in India. The premium smartphone segment in India continues to be immune to macro-economic pressures, and has been growing in double digits.”


Ram adds that offline retail continues to be key in a large, and diverse market like India, where consumers love to touch, feel and explore the products. “Apple would seek to replicate the famed Apple retail experience – including, overall consumer experience, staff knowledge and expertise, and the service standards, amongst others - in India, and steer greater market growth in the years ahead.”

The retail store is expected to do well as Apple is buoying on the success of its Apple Online store in India. “In the recent past, Apple has enjoyed an unprecedented growth momentum in India, including  an increased share of domestic manufacturing, aggressive marketing and affordability initiatives, and the success of the Apple India Online store,” says Ram.

What Consumers Can Do at the Apple India Retail Store

The company says that consumers will be able to enjoy the following benefits at the Apple India retail store:

  • Apple trade ins: Consumers will be able to exchange iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac at the Apple Store for credit towards their next purchase.
  • Apple Store Gift Cards: Apple devices and accessories can be purchased within the Apple Store with Apple Store Gift Cards.
  • Expert service and support will be offered at the store’s Genius Bar.