Apple applies for patent for making iPhones shatter proof

Ever If you have ever had the misfortune of your iPhone slipping away from your hands and its screen breaking into pieces, do not despair. Apple has just applied for a patent that may prevent your iPhone’s screen from breaking in the future.

The patent titled ‘Active screen protection for electronic device‘ enables retractable screen protectors to extend automatically over the screen whenever there is a possibility of a drop. In the patent filing, Apple has said, “When the sensor detects a drop event, the screen protectors move from the retracted to the extended position, functioning as a shock observer and preventing the screen from connecting with a surface that the electronic device connects”

The patent says that the screen protectors may be multiple tabs that may be moved beyond the retracted and extended positions. These tabs may be made of flexible or rigid materials such as plastic, plastic film or thin film material.

The moment the device detects through its sensors that it is going to drop, it automatically moves the screen protectors from a retracted to an extended position. Once the device senses that the drop event has occurred and the device is stable, it automatically moves the screen protectors again from the extended position to the retracted position.

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